Relationship Advice For Women – 8 Little Mistakes That Make Men Lose Interest 🤤➡

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8 Little Mistakes That Make Men Lose Interest By Brian Robbens Creator of Respark The Romance ➡➡➡➡➡➡
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You meet a new man and hit it off. You both love to talk and have fun together, and things just click. But then he stops calling as often and seems to lose interest. You’re baffled. It was going so well, and he didn’t say anything was wrong.

So what happened?

Let’s step into the mind of men to understand this better. After talking to many men about it, I found some surprising things that make them lose interest.

Let’s take a closer look at 8 little mistakes that women do that make men lose interest. Some of these might not seem “little” but women sometimes do them very easily, even though they seem like a big deal. I’ll end with some little things that do drive men crazy and make them lose interest.

Mistake #1: Killing the thrill too quickly

A woman reading that might not have any idea what it means. A man will know instantly: they like chasing a woman, and when she starts talking about being exclusive, the chase is over. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning, and then you open your presents, the anticipation and excitement is gone. You see this same effect with free merchandise. If something is free, we often assume it’s not that valuable. “You get what you pay for.” A surprising truth is that customers who overpay are often happier. That seems backwards, doesn’t it? But they feel like they’re getting a really good product. Someone who buys a BMW, Porsche, or Corvette won’t go around complaining that they spent too much. Just the opposite! They might brag about how much they spent. In dating, men like to feel like they earned a prize through their own merit. So let a man chase you. If things go great from the first date, that doesn’t mean that you should drop all other men you’re dating. Don’t let this new man think that this is a guaranteed thing, because then it’s a boring thing for him.

Mistake #2: Demanding too much from him

Pretend that “Mandy” met a man, it went great, and after a few dates, she assumed they’d start seeing each other more and more. That can be Mistake #1, listed above, if she goes into committed, comfortable relationship mode too early. You see, that might end any flirting, teasing, and playfulness that men crave. Even if you’re seeing each other, you can make a man really fall hard if you continue to let him chase you. Let’s say that Mandy starts expecting him to see her every few nights and begins demanding certain things, which is Mistake #2.

It might not happen that soon, but when a woman starts putting pressure on a man, he can lose interest. This sounds a little absurd, but we’ve probably all been there. We want a man to fall for us, and then we think that he’ll show his love by doing the things we want. It can turn into ordering him around, or telling him that he can’t do certain things. The mistake might also be asking too much, too soon, before he was ready to commit on the same level. If you want the ultimate secret to make him desire you more…

Mistake #3: Talking about your ex

In a new relationship, exes will come up. There’s a point where you probably need to talk about them, especially if they’re in your life in some form, such as a parenting agreement. But talking about an ex early on is a big no-no, and will cause a man to lose interest. It doesn’t matter how you’re talking about the ex. If you’re complaining, that means you’re still hurt and angry, and the ex is still on your mind. If you’re talking about what good friends you are with your ex, that might indicate future competition and resentment for the new man. If your new man asks about your ex, keep your answers short and straightforward. This new man probably wants to know how things stand, so give him an honest answer and move on. Dwelling on your ex in any fashion can cause your new interest to, well, lose interest in you!

Mistake #4: Giving up your life

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Relationship Advice For Women 8 Little Mistakes That Make Men Lose Interest 🤤


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