Say THIS When He Disappears or Pulls Away

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“What to Do When He Disappears or Pulls Away”

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In this video, Clayton discusses about specific steps on what a woman should do when her man pull away or disappear in the middle of their dating relationship.

Mike: What should women do when he’s not taxing or not calling? What is her best plan of action?

Clayton: It is context-dependent. It depends on when it really happens within the interaction.

If it happens in the beginning, [if] the guy disappears, she has to really take an inventory about whether or not they really have a connection.

If they if they really did have a connection and suddenly he drops off, it is important to have an innocent until proven guilty mindset, right. So rather than assuming that this guy has lost interest and he doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore, and suddenly her defenses go up and she responds from that place – she responds in the place of mainly genuine curiosity about what happened if he’s okay. She hasn’t seen her a bit. Maybe even some vulnerability. You know, “Hey I really enjoyed talking with you and I’m wondering what happened?” And that is okay to do.

Being able to have [or] express your emotions rather than hide behind some type of defense, is a way that we, as people, are able to eliminate the game plane that naturally comes up in the dating world.

Games comes as a result of one or both parties not being vulnerable with where they’re at.

So, that’s one way to initiate and possibly rekindle the connection if the guy is not texting. If he doesn’t respond or his response is lackluster at that point, I don’t encourage women to pursue it at that point any further. But really to move on to the next one because the only thing that’s going to happen when she begins to pursue is she moves even more into the masculine role he, moves more into the receptive role and it just ends up being a waste of time more times than not.

Mike: Awesome I love that.

Clayton: If it happens later in a relationship if they actually have got a connection and the guy pulls away, again an innocent until proven guilty mindset.

They pull away because the emotions that they might be feeling within the connection can get so intense that in my words that it almost can short-circuit the guy’s the neurology. And in order for him to reset, he’s got to pull away.

In order for him to get respective and see what actually happens, he find himself, he finds his center and build off the desire and then come back in.

And who the woman is in the face of the man pulling away, how the woman shows up, how she decides to react to him pulling away, communicate so much to him about her value, about her, [about] how she sees herself and her self-esteem.

Mike: Wow that was a phenomenal and that my favorite answer in all of my interviews. I loved every second of that. Ladies that was it… that was it.

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Ra Mar says:

Awesome! Very much needed. Thank you!

Amanda King says:

I’ll be 62 next month and I lost my husband tragically 4 yrs ago after 35 yrs together. Started seeing a guy I met on Facebook and I knew he had a girlfriend and he said he had another lady too. He also said he was greedy. I wasn’t looking for a man period, just friends. He wanted sex and kinky fifty shades of grey sex. I said hell no. He got mad. Early on in dating after first sexual encounter, I didn’t hear from him for a week until I texted him. I’ve almost always had to reach out to him and then we’d talk but only about sex fantasies. I tried to cut off things and he’d say, oh no I was busy. Finally the 5th time around I sent him a nice email and said goodbye. He texts, C u soon. Duh?? I sent another email and cussed him smooth out because he lied to me about going out of town to a shoe store when he was with his girlfriend which I knew of. She went to police and now we had a mess. Sooo done with men for a while. This video is okay, but I’m too old for bullshit. I need a REAL MAN. I’m not your second choice; not an option; and I’m damn sure not gonna be your standby piece.

Telki 537fb says:

Even in the ancient cultures wise women would tell the younger women that when their man pulls away, just let him be alone.!! He needs to do this for a while. Its just part of his nature to do this thing. So yeah its universal for guys of all cultures to do this. Accept it ladies you'll be better off for understanding this. It's just the way men are. But that doesn't mean they don't care.

chahat padda says:

This. Is. Bunch. Of. Bullshit.

chahat padda says:

Soooo….a guy I was dating has stopped texting for a week! and he responds quickly but in a neutral tone. what do you think?

A M says:

Why are guys such pussies and lazy and it's all about them

Maria Vint says:

Awesome! I'm going through the same thing now. Now I know it's not because he is interested with someone else but getting himself together emotionally. He answers my texts and is friendly so there's nothing wrong there, our relationship is three months old….wow!

Leah Christine says:

ghost me… cya!

LindaLou From Wyoming says:

So, why is it just about the man, always? What about how the woman feels when the man does this for no reason out of the blue? This tells the women to accept such behavior and that they are not worthy of treatment from a man who will be mature enough to just talk to her and be supportive of the relationship, which belongs to both parties. Not just him or to her. Men just sound so fucked up all the time! How do they go to war and make the right decisions and why should we vote for them in office and then have confidence they can DO the jobs? I call bull shit.

Selena Lucia says:

I pull away-major problem. I try not to and manage most of the time but I do when I get scared of my own feelings.

Yesi Flores says:

What about when he does this and you're already living together with kids?!🤔

Kathy C. says:

I love how you worded and broke down the man’s mind set once a connection has been established. I have been talking to a guy for 3 weeks and I have started to feel a shift on his end where his communication is getting less and less. I feel this is perfect timing as I am leaving for 3 weeks to leave the country, but this video helps me to understand and know how to support him in this process and make our connection stronger.

Robin says:

This guy is the greatest at what he does .

Yumilou Iwasaki says: really hurt to be abandoned..he just disappear without any word..even good bye..until now still enduring the pain that he cause…

M Gordan says:

What is difference in pulling away and ghosting

arianna boscolo says:

Instead you should teach men to grow some balls

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