Why Do Men Lose Interest / Did he Lose Interest – Prevent it From Happening to You!

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Why Do Men Lose Interest?
In this video, I talk about attraction and dating and I’ll explain the reasons for why men lose interest, and when you can prevent it from happening to you.

Sometimes people need a reality check. If you get more than your fair share of rejection, it may be time for a self-evaluation. Did you turn your partner off? Perhaps a joke you made was misconstrued or misinterpreted. Or, were you drinking or smoking cigarettes on the date? Something as simple as a difference in lifestyle could explain everything. That’s not to suggest that you shouldn’t be yourself. You should be! In fact, it is essential you be true to yourself and not compromise your feelings and values to try to be the perfect partner.
It’s Not Always About You
New relationships are fragile and exploratory. Despite promising beginnings, it’s not uncommon for one (or both) partners to experience a sudden change of heart. When the reason for the change is not obvious, you’re left puzzled, confused and anxious for answers. Did I do something wrong? Was it something I said? Did I seem too needy or clingy? Or, does someone else have their attention?
The biology behind attraction is that we want better offspring. So whenever we see someone healthy, strong, smart, and better than us with traits such as loyalty, lovability, caring, and nurturing we feel their genes are superior and when coupled with ours, might produce better offspring. If the other person doesn’t want us or is not available for a relationship, their perceived value goes up.
On the other hand, when someone comes around showing too much interest in us, we feel they have less value, it’s like ‘why the hell are you even interested in me?’ We have this deep rooted perception that we are flawed and anybody interested in us must be flawed too.

Whether we think about reproduction or not, much of what we consider attractive is compelled our subconscious minds. And when perceived value goes down, so does ones level of attractiveness. So when you show an uninvested person… a new person you’re dating too much interest, you’re perceived value (relative to theirs) goes down. Does that make sense.. so, check your emotions at the door and reveal your feelings slowly… as they become more invested in the relationship.

Remember, anyone who is dating will have these experiences and it won’t feel good. What’s important is that you quickly recognize when your feelings are no longer being reciprocated —and once you’re aware, adjust your behaviors and feelings accordingly. Don’t waste your time worrying about the person who isn’t showing as much interest as you are. Move forward and meet someone as eager about a relationship as you are. Don’t settle for anything less. I know I certainly wont… You deserve a person who’s just as excited about you and knows how to show it, right?

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samir reda says:

This has happened to me as a man.

MisterBassBoost says:

Good video! Keep it up!

MisterBassBoost says:

Great! Keep it up!

Antonio Borrello says:

Have you dated a person who suddenly lost interest leaving you wondering what happened? Share your story and let's see if we can figure it out.

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