Why Do Men Lose Interest In Good Women?

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…. After Sex!!!! Why Did he hit it and quit it?
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LynnBlack0185 says:

Just crazy. So many people just walking around just playing games and wasting time. Everyone should be honest with their intentions. Men AND women.

Rokhaya pouye says:

Thank you Angel you truly right these men that do that are boys we must not jump on any man we see bless you xxx

fiercegemini says:

If there's a potentially a new personality after sex, then it just feels like a catch 22.
Imma just wait to hear what your vids say.
Relationships are simple. Its people that are complicated.

Megan Brown says:

Eh.. I can't stand men like this because if you don't care about her but still have sex with her, what are you going to do if she becomes pregnant? Then what?

Lonnie Davis says:

lol I know this girl and she has been with this guy for 4 months has one seen him 3 time in those month he playing her tho but its her fault

Rena Williams says:

I need part 2

Tamereancreates says:

This is why I'm single & celibate, it ain't worth my sanity.

SunMoon Stars says:

This makes me sick to my stomach. Can't stand a coward….

Ranise Cunha says:

That's happen to me exactly what u said in the begging, expect the part of having sex. I just go on a date with him. I didn't even kiss him.. and he loose the interest.

I didn't do anything bad to him.. probably he loose the interest because I'm too shy, short, nerdy and ugly… T-T…. I'll never find man T-T
(sorry my bad English)

Nile Daughter says:

Thanks Angel for the great insight into a man's mind

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