Why Men Act Interested Then Disappear

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Why Men Act Interested Then Disappear

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Tania Alexander says:

I am having this same issue atm. This guy dat i know for most of my life. Only started talking to him 4 yrs ago. Earlier this yr i kinda started showing interest in him. We spent the evening together on 2 seperate occation. Have been texting bk n forth but now i am not sure how be is feeling we still text but i dont discuss personal stuff since i notice he dont respond to me wen i do. He is a bit older and i look younger than my age. So i am not sure wat d problem is. I am confused. I decided to bk off.

Laria1966 says:

Thank you Helena. This makes a lot of sense ✌

foranimalwelfare says:

My best friend goes through this all the time. These guys come on so strong then disappear. It makes them look like complete jackasses honestly.

colmonhs says:

I disappear if she doesn't show interest anymore.

H. Von Dottie says:

😂 Omg this is absolutely on timing…. 😉
Just had a man from Tinder doing exactly that a couple of weeks ago, after several weeks of having a 'textual relationship' online… I moved on, even if I was very hooked, told him 'it has been fun, gotta go, have a nice summer' – and then didn't expect ANYTHING ELSE to happen after that. But lo and behold – yesterday he reappears on my Instagram account, as a follower and he just commented on a post. Like he doesn't really know WHAT he wants (he still lives with his ex until June when she moves out) but doesn not want to let go of me completely… Classic male insecurity/indeciveness I guess?

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