Why Men Lose Interest and How to Keep a Guy Interested

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Want to know why men lose interest and how to keep a guy interested? Almost every woman has experienced this. First, he’s totally into you. He’s chasing you, texting you, calling you for dates.

Then, at some point, he starts cooling off. He doesn’t respond to your cute texts so quickly. He skips taking you out every week. Then he comes up with the dreaded, “I need space” Next thing you know, he hasn’t called you in weeks.

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Most Women Get This Wrong

Unfortunately, men don’t come with an instruction manual, and women always get this wrong. But I’m going to help you out ladies so that your guy comes crawling back to you.

Understanding why you’ve become the victim of the blowoff will help ensure that you never get caught in that cool fade zone again.

Which Phase of Dating Are You In?

Did You Know There Are 5 Phases to Dating? Yes ladies. There are 5 phases to dating. In order to make a man fall in love with you, or at least NOT do the fade away, you must go through them all…

But most women unknowingly skip phases, and are then left disappointed and heartbroken. Skipping ahead of any of these 5 phases or behaving in one phase the way you should be behaving in another phase, will cause a man to POOF!

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Or if you don’t want the free eBook, you can go straight to this excellent presentation and learn what a man is really thinking when he pulls away and what you need to do to get him chasing you again!


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