10 Biggest Style Mistakes Young Men Make

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As a stylist, I’ve worked with everyone from teenagers to men in their 60s and 70s, and these are the 10 biggest style mistakes young men usually make. Are you making any of them?

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R Ww says:

Good points.

Suzumi - Nyaann says:

hypee beasttt woooohh philliphineesss

Mohaimenul Arnab says:

in your recent videos you are making Dorian sit a little down from your level, which making Dorian gigantic… So we know that he's tall and you should let him be like that… you people should sit in same level

just my opinion

Naqqash Latif says:

Really dig that Polo.

Joaquin Rosendo says:

The foundational wardrobe is such a solid idea… I don't even have all of my foundational stuff yet, but it's already helped me out so much!

Alexander Nguyen says:

10. Ill-fitting clothes
9. Big ties and knots
8. Hypebeastn All day
7. Dressing Well =/= Comfortable
6. Buying all statement pieces that don't match anything in your wardrobe
5. Not building foundational wardrobes
4. Twinning – dressing only like your friends and not experimenting with your own individuality
3.Expensive clothes =/= Looking good
2. Too many patterns and colors
1. Not caring how you look – grooming, hygenics, you should care about how you look

MBisFrenchy says:

Please give Dorian a few more inches up in his seat adjustment it's weird having him so low.

Vic Speaks says:

Dorian looking guuuuud these days! nohomo

braveheartbob says:

question, wearing a hollister tee shirt and a hollister zip-up hoddie…..too much?

Vladimir E says:

Pls make a video on how to have less style coz im sick of getting girls wet just by passing by

Jonathan Marks says:

Can you do a minimalist wardrobe video. Thanks

Salah Atef says:

I love these videos tips 👍🏽

vyas says:

Who is that asian girl?

Steven John says:

Slight digression, but how long has Dorian been your fiancé? You guys tying the knot soon?

Bad_Mix says:

Could you add some example photos in the video editing please?

Gaurav Sharma says:

Always love your videos from India keep it up god ßless you ßoth…

Bible Made Simple— YouTube says:

You guys do a great job! Thanks!

Jenezsie Garcia says:

Nice! From Puerto Rico!

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