10 Casual Shirts PERFECT for Spring and Summer || Men’s Style 2018 || Gent’s Lounge

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10 Casual Shirts PERFECT for Spring and Summer || Men’s Style 2018

The Shirts:
Five Four: http://bit.ly/2Ix8Lwr
Dunderdon (similar): http://bit.ly/2L8Pwvb
Top Man: http://bit.ly/2KuUxgj
Original Penguin Linen: http://bit.ly/2Lc6Uir
Original Penguin Hawaiian: http://bit.ly/2KyPzz5
Popover Similar: http://bit.ly/2LbB4Cw
Rodd & Gunn Polo: http://bit.ly/2LaS8Zx
Lacoste Polo: http://bit.ly/2KABH7F
Gap Hawaiian (Similar): http://bit.ly/2Kz9Q7L
Scoop Neck Tee ( $7!! ): http://bit.ly/2L7Hl1Y


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The Butler says:

You tee is east hollywood, i stay with my v- neck

Sal 040 says:

Nice collection George .I like number 1 and 3 and lacoste one

Max says:

Aye can’t wait for the summer videos 👌

Effortless Gent says:

one of each, please

Noor Hussain says:

Continue to get shit in the office. They say "Where you going" or "Where's the job interview", luckily I find it funny and don't get upset 😂

jacked & juicy sequence says:

what tie would you suggest for a beige summer suit? Occasion = summer wedding

James Cairns says:

I love the look of floral/crazy printed shirts but hate short sleeves and struggle to find anything, anyone got any ideas where to look?

Samiul Siam says:

Polo's are great

Mikaella Quey Ardeña says:

love the polo's

Bavan Gowribalan says:

George lowkey just said he has a massive upper body.

Ronnie Mack says:

All the shirts were on point, until you came out with that Tee Shirt. Must have been a reason why u saved it for last. Won’t comment on what it makes you look like. All in all, keep doing your thing, peace.

Ray Rahh!! says:

awesome work on the videos ! Video suggestion – sunglasses for summer 2018. I'm stuck getting the same ray ban wayfarers, and wanted to switch it up but don't know too much about other brands/styles. Keep up the good work!

HueMan888 says:

I disagree with you. If one wants to rock a tropical print and they're not near a natural or man made body of water I say "go for it". Have fun and enjoy. Unlike you, not everybody lives in a geographical climate that's relatively warm year-round. Be a standout, be confident and be unapologetic.

Kadal Buntung says:

Hey George, loved the video! I'm gonna get out of my comfort zone and try some of that bold hawaiian shirts. A question here, can you actually wear boots in the summer?

Paul says:

What size do you wear in these shirts?

ahastar1141 says:

I know you mentioned on shirt number 2 you don’t want it to be too long, that being said it seems like that shirt was crazy short. I mean usually I would expect a casual shirt to hit just below the front pockets at least in the front of the shirt but that shirt seems like it just barely covers the belt line

greentealatte says:

Is it just me or I never really liked polo shirts?
I'd rather wear a short-sleeved shirt than a polo

Steve Steele says:

Seventies is my fave!

kermit1 says:

Great shirts George, these are the kind of videos I like to see. Every day wear that looks affordable.

Jonathan Benitez says:

Great polo's! I myself am not a short button shirt kind of guy but that navy blue one was very nice!

Mícheál Breathnach says:

Nice hair cut And top.

Raymond F says:

Once more a cool video that will help us guys in Sping and Summer …you guy just keep making awesome videos …. I like the bolded shirt I would Rock it with white linen are white jeans

Rob M says:

Great collection George. really like the knit polo .

Mark Shimazu says:

Thanks for the informative video. As an aside, please clean your camera's image sensor. I see at least 4 dust spots on this video.

Jeremiah makaveli says:

i see people wearing floral/hawaiian shirts everywhere now, not just the beach/pool

Benjamin Moser says:

Hmmm that first shirt reminds me of another YouTuber, I do like it though

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