10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

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Frederico Pereira says:

bro… if you really, really, really wanna give advice about mens fashion you need to lose that hair… i never understood that trend and every time a see a guy with that hair cut I just wanna cut my wrists.. but, overall, your tips are ok… except for the rolled up sleeves… lol, nobody does that…

Joseph Felicetti says:

Dude…u put your sisters pants on by accident!(I hope)

Daniel Salas says:

show off fool


i will sub u if u sub me

hiroki wada says:

thank you sir!!

Yohan Yadav says:

Lekin bhai hindi me hi bana leta….

Yohan Yadav says:

Copy cat….. But it worked for u….??

Rigel Sinco says:

Some men, like me, can't wear a match simply because we can't afford any lol.

Jay17 says:

I first checked if this vod is in the Comedy or Entertainment categories. It ain't so I shall proceed.

What's up with people who think they know the correct way to do something when there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Apparently this bloke thinks if you don't dress according to his personal preferences, you're doing it wrong.

Vloggers who think they're right thus feel or need to let others know this…

Samuel Githegi says:

Magnetic collar stays! I suffer from this all the time! Tried starching my shirt but it doesn't hold as well! Thanks!

Samuel Githegi says:

Love how he throws in the advert. Doesn't sound forced. Thrown in with real tips and they are nice watches.

latinmale1969 says:

Leather shoes with shorts? lol

mutsaworks says:

If sunglasses and caps can only be worn for functionality and never indoors, then why should a watch be worn as an accessory and not for functionality? I have a mobile phone which tells me the time so i don't need a watch, but you say i'll be limiting myself.

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