20 Things Stylish Men Should Never Wear || Men’s Fashion Style Mistakes || Gent’s Lounge

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Today we are talking about 20 items you need to stop wearing right now if you find any of these items in your closet.

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what not to wear 2017 men’s fashion


moodyguymick says:

Why wear a hat indoors ?

Matias Gomez says:

Agree with everything except with the gucci, i love them

Leonardo Perez says:

I love the mules I actually want some but to pricy I would wear em but without the wool

Bigsheesh says:

Those wide ass peak lapels man. They look like stupid wings.

Matthew Crespo says:

Gosling is allowed to wear the V-neck

JuliusCaesar500 says:

Mule slippers, if I got them for free I would wear it in public but if I had $800 I would buy better shoes

Kelechi Nwokoro says:

Totally agree with this list, Gents Lounge style is totally my style. I have a distressed t shirt, I won't wear it again lol

KonAndr says:

I wonder what Alpha m. whould say about never wearing vneck….this guy lives in vnecks…

Hayden Huynh // Entertainment says:


David Henry says:

Blake: "skinny ties were huge back in like 2001…" Irony. Haha!

Rag Luxury says:

Can't say too much being a female but I wear menswear everyday, I say its all about preference and your budget, My wardrobe is 70% thrift and keeps up whats in trend..also think the Gucci loafer slipper is amazing if done right , and a settle pair of Loubs

Reeves Haynes says:

I would probably wear the gucci slippers strictly in the house! they look kinda goofy out of the house

Javier Bonn says:

you can pull that off if your net worth is motherfucking millionaire status

John Pratt says:

Wasn't it you guys who used to like the dress shoes with white vibram soles for winter to give some texture and weight a year or two ago? Are those different from the ones you talked about here?

Tejeshwar Singh says:

Not comparing or judging but I like this video and ur channel better than "TMF'S" vid "menswear trends women hate". kinda same topic but I think you guys presented it way better not giving a shit about what women or other people don't like on men…….. great job guys….. you guys post less but always have the quality content….

godfatherNYC says:

Thank you! I hate V necks on the exterior.

Carlos Bornes says:

Am I the only one that imagines a Power Ranger when sees a guy with too many bracelets

Timothy Scott says:

I think if you have a more rounded face a v-neck is better since you don’t want to add more rounded lines to your clothing.

Dmytro Fonotov says:


tooDope Benny says:

I'd still rock the gucci prince towns, someone like this

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