5 Ways to ALWAYS Look STYLISH … NO MATTER WHAT! | Men’s Fashion & Style Tips

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Today, learn how to dress well, how to always look stylish, men’s style and fashion tips, how to make a girl want you, fashion trends, and more!

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Based Zeus says:

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subscribes says:

Despite the long advertisement. You gave some pretty solid info on what type of clothes to wear unlike alpha m who tried to advertise his sponsors "boots" claiming theyre better than ghukka boots lmfao. Chelsea boots look pretty good though

ShaShwat Kr says:

what about a place having 30 degree Celsius temperature throughout the year. what kind of clothing would be better for these kind of regions? can you please make a video on this too?

subscribes says:

What about ghukka boots?

Nejithic says:

Tl;dr get black Chelsea boots

Filip Kendeš says:

damn that advertisement…

Little stupid ass bitch cunt says:

shit i just bought those kinda sneakers…😂 does that makes me a douche if i bought them cuz i like em??

Mordec 101 says:

Number 6 invest in scams such as BITCONNEEEEEEEEEEEEE(…)EEEEECT from zeus own advice

Abhishek Baby says:

what happen to u ?your videos are loosing their quality

José Pablo Mora Hernandez says:

I love your videos brah 🎸😉

Donald Trump says:

I hate these boots…

Cluji42 says:

this video should be called "how to look like a fuckboy"

Jluntumbue says:

Stop telling me to buy Chelsea boots those look fucking whack.

Alexandre Sacks says:

NEW MIC!? i preferred it before..

Matthew Jones says:

A tip for getting your haircut: Always go for gay men or black men if you can

Yap KY says:

Lol the subliminal message you're using "I will subscribed to Based Zeus"

JustJurgen says:

Best hairstyle is the 3th outfit!

stefi gendale says:

Study tips? Please

kingsley ogbeke says:

I never knew when I dropped a like. You're amazing

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