5 Ways to Upgrade Your Style | How to Improve Your Style Instantly | Alex Costa

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There are so many guys with real potential out there. I truly believe that if these guys put a little bit more effort and pay attention to details, they will be able to upgrade their style considerably! Learn about men’s fashion, invest in some good basics, and save up to buy quality pieces instead of items that will make you look like you don’t care. We all care! Watch today’s video and learn the 5 ways to instantly upgrade your style!

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Style | Men’s Fashion 2018
How to Improve Your Style Instantly | Mens Style 2018

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Alex Costa says:

Thank you guys so much for waiting while I was sick 😷
FEELS GREAT TO BE BACK! Don't forget to check out our sponsor LeDaveed and to leave a like 🙂
Have a great weekend!
– Alex ⚡️

Naval Thakur says:

Good video bro keep it up 👍👍 love from INDIA

DailyRoutine says:

Real professional. .

Dj Ekka says:

Give some tips for dark skin person

Sagar Tanwar says:

Thanks a lot brother for your great suggestions

Saifullah Jamil says:

Finally a Canadian sponser living in Canada cause em too living in CA too! It's get hard when you wanna really buy a luxury best piece but it's in USD and it's out of ur budget when it comes to CAD!!!

Vishu Guleria says:

Lit video 🔥🔥🔥

Janaki Raman says:

make a video for sunglasses

Manissh Thakur says:

Yet another awesome video
Keep it up bro!

Quintessentially Me says:

I live in Texas close to the Gulf. There is no way you can just not wash your jeans….if you wash in cold and hang to dry. You will not have much color fade or any fit issues. Sorry I just cannot accept the whole don't wash your jeans or wear them 50 times then wash them.

bstorno says:

I want to move to LA so bad!

Educate Society says:

I feel like most men think that being stylish is super complicated when really it's pretty simple. Focus on well fitted basics and that will be a solid foundation for your wardrobe.

Suraj Nath says:

Make 2018 casual look book for office home and party together 💪🔥

Alwin George says:

How to buy jeans according to body type


U got a razer blade laptop bro! .. That machine is a beast

Kareem Jones says:

Mannn..you lost me not having yo wash jeans. Tf you mean? At least once every 5 wearings depends on how often you wear them

George lucas says:

Desde a primeira vez que eu vi um video desse cara eu percebi algo estranho, parece muito que é brasileiro e é mesmo kkkk.

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