7 Style Rules EVERY MAN Should Follow!

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Rules were meant to be broken, but some men’s style rule should NEVER be broken. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is presenting seven unbreakable men’s style rules.
Don’t Ever Ignore These Pro Tips
1. B.T.B – button down collars need to be buttoned. Not optional for any shirt with buttons on the collar!

2. Match your knot to your collar – collar options range from point, semi-spread, and spread. The wider the spread, the larger the knot. Standard point can go with a simple Four-in-Hand knot. Spread collars need more width such as a Windsor knot. Also match the tie width with the width of the collar.

3. Tie length should come to the top of your pants

4. Dress shirts should always be tucked into your pants

5. Never button the bottom button of the suit jacket

6. Match your leathers when wearing dress shoes and dress belt – this includes color, finish, texture, AND style of leathers. if you’re wearing a casual fabric belt, this rule doesn’t apply.

7. ‘Black Tie’ means tuxedo – a tux has a lapel that is shiny. You can also go in navy, gray, and maroon, but you can never go wrong with black.

ALWAYS Keep Your Dress Shirt Tucked In
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wonderpookie says:

Bought KK&J after your last recommendation – BEST BUY EVER. I'm a school teacher and its important to me I look 100% all day long. Before, I'd be running to the toilet to tuck in my shirt between lessons… now, I am CONFIDENT my shirt is still tucked in and I'm looking sharp!

I won BEST DRESSED teacher, the year I bought KKandJ shirt stays… coincidence? 😀

THANKS ALPHA AND KK&J! Much love! <3

Kristi Zhang says:

Thank you for the useful information 👍

Matt Forman says:

I wear suits daily and when I order them I always have “shirt grabbers” put on the inside of the waist and they keep your shirt tucked in for way less money (they are no additional cost on custom suits where I shop) than kk and jay. Any halfway decent tailor can put them on an off the rack suit too. Think it’s like $10-$12 at Mens wear house. I do find it entertaining to get suit style advice (which was for the most part completely accurate) from someone who’s suit needed to visit a good tailor. Your suit should not gap around your if it is properly tailored.

huggable cactus says:

Got my 20th class reunion coming up. Needed this

sai k volts says:

Brand of the jacket

Umairkhan Umair says:

I hate the music

Braden Nicoson says:

What is the difference between a tux and a suit?

sk8free09 says:

During my wedding I’m looking fly. Outrageously fly. All of the sudden I see my amazingly gorgeous bride walk down and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to hang on to reality and not faint. As we are walking out what do I see?! Both of my buttons on my two button jacket buttoned. Did my groomsmen say anything? Nope they just followed me and buttoned theirs too.

emilio lie says:

where's your suit from?

Aaron LeClair says:

“And it’ll say tuxedo when you buy it”

ramsinator101 says:

Hard to conceal a pistol with a tucked shirt….

DaBrute says:

How the heck do you sit when wearing those shirt stays???

ali saab says:

Where did you get those dress shoes

Matty Ice says:

Hey Alpha just ordered my self some Sea Salt Spray and Putty can’t wait to use these products and rock a better hairstyle

Nic M. says:

5:53 according to traditional dress codes, a tuxedo can only be in black or midnight blue. Anything else would be incorrect. Dinner jackets, however, are a different story.

Hassan Tiwana says:

I was so in the video the actually did shake my head, lol, live your videos Aaron, have been watching you since 2 years. Keep it up.

picasso picasso says:

Why do u scream so much…shut up!
I enjoy ur tips any way and use them too…but u too loud!

B. C. Sharpe says:

Kk & J short tail guarders are impossible to deal with. They just don't work


“Button the Bitch”! XD

Mustafa Kapasi says:

Hey alpha isn't that shirt uncomfortable around the bicep area?

Anton Alex says:

I m the only one who hear"button the bitch"?😂😂

Marcus Savina says:

Lol this is so basic…. I'm proud that i know enough to know basic stuff

Darth Sushi says:

I love this type of ending you put in your videos, great effort and good vibe, thanks for your help

AYush Kumar Singh says:

Anything For Indian Men?

Tobias Rommel says:

who actually nodded at 5:19 ? 😀

me says:

Saw your pitch on a shark tank rerun the other day.

Vasily Rozenbaum says:

Hey Alpha, was wondering where you buy your brown leather belts? Can’t seem to find any good stores with the leather finish that I am going for but have always liked yours.

Karan Goraksh says:

What an amazing white Shirt

Ignoravo 1989 says:

Navy blue tuxedo? Hell no… I hope you wanted to say Midnight blue 🙂

Ignoravo 1989 says:

I don't like the Windsor knot. For a spread collar I would do a double four-in-hand.

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