7 TERRIBLE Style Tips You Should Avoid | Men’s Fashion Advice 2018 | ALEX COSTA

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Topic of discussion: Do you ever make any of these style mistakes?

I hear a lot of advice from people who sometimes have NO idea of what they’re talking about! Make sure you’re doing your research when it comes to fashion so you’re not just following a trend that is about to go away, or worse – has done away already! Men’s fashion is a great thing, and if guys say that men shouldn’t care about how they look, then they’re very wrong! Make sure to watch the video and see what style tips are out there and make zero sense!

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Men’s Fashion Advice | Men’s Fashion Tips 2018
Men’s Style Tips | Men’s Style 2018

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Alex Costa says:

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– Alex

Christian Zimmermann Witt says:

Vincero? Thats a biiiig nogo! Buy one good watch that Will last a lifetime instead!

Obet Medina says:

What website or place do you go to buy the non prescription glasses? Loving your videos man!

Marko Bošnjak says:

Yo yo Costa! I just purchased a Vincero watch with your "costa" 20% off…hope they are good! 🙂 Regards!

Alex Pantela says:

40 dollars on a white t is normal? are you shitting me? lol

Johanne Buot says:

Are the Vincero watches durable? I know things can last if you take care of them but I have no knowledge of the Vincero watches. I really do dig their watches though.

Grayson Mattingley says:

What under armour hoodie is that?

Falcon3Mega says:

I would love to have a "phione" hahaha it´s a pokemon!
We always see your little mistakes like the pillow but it doesn´t matter, keep making these videos

as Ds says:

wish you COSTA ARMY hehehehe

Abbastanza4444 says:

Great video, Alex!

ConRon says:

What brand are the glasses?

Sahay Maharaj says:

notification squadd

HannahJacob 7 says:

Alex pls give me a love i am your hardest fan

Tony Stark says:

Yo alex! Nice Video as Always!
Bro leather jackets Look so good on you, i haven't Seen you with a Clean minimalistic leather jacket (Like from hugo Boss, U know what I mean), I think they would fit u perfectly as Well! give 'em a try and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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