AP Royal Oak & Vespas? Watches & Men’s Style: Sabir Peele and Tim Talk New Watches from TAG & Swatch

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Best Article of The Week: https://www.revolution.watch/a-new-examination-of-the-swiss-watch-industry/)

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Luxury watch specialist Tim Mosso and men’s fashion authority Sabir M. Peele of Men’s Style Pro, LLC (https://mensstylepro.com/) join forces to discuss fashion and horology. Sabir, the proprietor and curator of MensStylePro.com offers a window into men’s fashion in the contemporary world. Shoes, suits, accessories, motor scooters, and other essential companions to the contemporary men’s fashion scene are presented alongside Tim’s review of relevant watches. Tim selects watches that span the spectrum of the modern man’s experience from first job to corner office. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, Rolex Day Date II 218206, Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Memovox, Bremont Airco Mach 2, and Sinn Hunter’s Chronograph 3006 make appearances; Sabir offers his insight into what kind of watch buyer would be attracted to each luxury watch model. Events relevant to luxury watch buyers are included; we discuss a new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Blue Dreamer inspired by Wei Koh of Revolution Magazine and The Rake; Jaquet Droz has launched a 280th anniversary watch in yellow gold – the brand’s first modern watch in such a metal – called the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Tribute. All 88 pieces of the Grande Seconde Tribute will feature an ivory colored grand feu enamel dial. The Swiss luxury watch industry is consolidating, and our “Best Article of the Week” focuses on Revolution Magazine’s analysis of the new Morgan Stanley LuxeConsult study of who’s who in the Swiss watch industry of 2018. All of this and wrist shots from our global audience of luxury watch buyers features on This Week in Watches for May 4, 2018.


WatchBox Studios says:

00:04:08—-00:06:30 Sound issues. We know. Advance past it…

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Great show, appreciate the diversity of watches and fashion items. The Bermount is not my cup of tea, the Sinn looks fantastc, but i think it will be too big for me, and I really like the JLC with the alarm function, that alarm would wake me up definitely :). The AP looks bigger than it is, i like the only date complications Royal Oaks. The Rolex Date Day Platin looks fantastic, u like the one with Indian "Arabic" Numerals. Good Talk guys 🙂

David Robinson says:

Would be interesting to have him make guest appearances during each season.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

Enjoyed this one… Get more cross overs to men styling

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

Tim, get suit supply to endorse you… I would like to see that!

Edit: on second thought, get Sabir to do make over on you. Then you can make Sabir into horology, make him invest in good watches.

steven uk1 says:

excellent… the JLC Memovox alarm is so good.

Zzbranak says:

This was excellent. Great stuff as always Tim

MrBusytimmy says:

Grail this, grail that. Grail everything

Roelf van der Merwe says:

4:00 RIP headphone users.

Amintas Neto says:

Very cool.
Watches and fashion goes side-by-side in most of the cases!


F Poynton says:

A large segment of men incuding me would appreciate Mr. Peeles input on seasonal summer/winter sport attire – how to put together sharp looking – even maybe blue jean – sneaker or shoe based outfits – with a sense of style – and of course the timepiece being center stage. Good talk guys..

Halebopp says:

Watchbox has become the place to go for watch related videos. Some of my old favorite shows are slowly disappearing from my subscription list. Keep up the good work!

Watch lover in Hawaii says:

Great show. Just little technical difficulties, with the mic.
Sorry missed the show. Good thing for YouTube

David Cahill says:

This is a show that appeals to me as my watches are chosen to compliment my lifestyle but primarily my wardrobe. Excellent stuff.

Jonathane Lewis says:

I really enjoyed this. Well done guys..

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