Can You Be Overdressed? | Men’s Style Theory

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The meme says you can never be too over dressed, but is that really true? We take time to critique men’s style and explore the possibility overdressing for certain environments.

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TheDieHunter says:

I never felt over dressed, it only makes me confident and people compliment me. I wear vests, bowties regurarly and I am an electrician. On a first date once I wore a full light grey 3 piece suit for a rock concert and it was perfectly fine and from that the girl was all into me, so I think anyone can wear anything to everywhere unless the person is doing something that requires specific gear like going to the gym. But do not wear a tuxedo with a top hat anywhere unless there is no dresscode for it LOL.

Daley says:

Yes you can be overdressed, but it's far easier and more frowned upon to be underdressed. I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed every time. Also, you can always make a suit pretty casual by losing the jacket and tie, open the collar and rolling the sleeves if you've misjudged the occasion. You can't make a t-shirt and jeans smarter if you've committed to that.

Obinna Orjih says:

That is a great videos guys. Personally I think that saying is valid because at least if you are over dress for an occasion you can easily get underdressed. For example if you have an interview for a creative company and you turn up with a full 3 piece suit and you see that everyone is casual you can easily take off the tie and waistcoat and look more casual.

The Chosen One says:

Josh’s combo is on point so unique.Inspired

FiLwOw says:

Haven't watched it to the end yet, but I think you can be overdress at a wedding. My problem is that I am into suits and fashion in general and I kinda just don't want to look better than the groom. What a dilemma

Todd Alexander Wilson says:

Quote by Oscar Wilde: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” 😀

DeJuan McGuire says:

Interesting topic. I typically dress slightly above my co-workers. Just enough that I look sharp without standing out too much. After four years, they know how I am about my style and it does not even phase them.

MrLolmaster101 says:

i think the over educated means that the person relies on the books and have no common sense and tries to focus on technicalities

MrLolmaster101 says:

is bow tie more formal????

Reggie says:

Great video. I believe one should dress for the occasion.

Fred Désulmé says:

Loool that meme you guys are quotting is actually an Oscar Wilde quote. Come on guys! 😛 Loved the video though. Great stuff

nikos markou says:

And if you wereca tuxedo anywhere else thah a reaaaaalllly formal event(new years eve,soiree or the oscars)means either you can separate a suit from a tuxedo or you have a mental problem

nikos markou says:

If you think that you are over dressed just by wearing a suit,man you have no idea about tailoring.wear it onlybif you feel it

haroldlm64 says:

Good video and subject. You think that wearing a bow tie for anything other then a formal event could be considered overdressed? When I first read the title, I immediately thought about this guy I once seen wearing 6 lapel pins! 3 on each lapel! Ridiculous!!

Gogon003 says:

the picture at 6:00 got me good, had to rewind haha, got good topic lads. been needing this information, since i too stand in the situation where i miss wearing suits in a company that wears baggy denim and t-shirts (even though it's a big office IT department) Been sticking to the vest and shirts and throwing in some pullovers for the last few years, but maybe i should try.

mrS says:

Enjoy your videos. Thanks for teaching me to properly tie a bowtie.

Wes H says:

The back and forth discussion is one of my favorite things about your channel!

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