Five Rebels Who Changed Men’s Style Forever | MR PORTER

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MR PORTER takes a look at five of the most notorious fashion rule-breakers of all time—from Mr Beau Brummell to Mr Kurt Cobain. Are you ready to rip up the rulebook?

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BrickManiac says:

That suit is pretty gay

pcbgatlas says:

Kanye West?? WTF

valentin pons says:

Please step back and look at him without any prejudices and objectively. He invented the style of today, dont be blinded by your hate to his person. He really is a genius, wearing things in yeezus tour that are still relevant to this day (yeezus tour was in 2013 aprox) .

TheSuperlativeMind says:

what about run dmc for starting sneaker culture and the reason that sneakers are worn everyday instead of shoes?

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

West and ablo? I have to take a shower

Royal Poison says:

Kanye!? Unsubscribed because MR PORTER doesn't know wtf they're talking about.


I just unsubscribed. Kanye West?? WTF are you talking about? That joker wouldn't know true style if it smacked him in the face.

Eric Kurtz says:

I somehow knew Kurt Cobain and James Dean would be on this list.

riley godinez says:

It seems that this video is based on
Most influential people in style that has drastically shifted from following rules, to breaking rules. I agree Kanye West is so influential in this time period and is innovated in many fields including style. He deserves to be mentioned. Cmon I want to dress like him

twirltube says:

Is hype a fad?

Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer says:

Dean I still can understand. Okay. Cobain. Maybe a little bit counterculture. BUT. He was kooky. So. I get it. BUT. Kanye. That self – absorbed bastard. What a big NO NO. Mister Porter. Are you on your period?

Sam Freeman says:

Hi Mr porter, who animated this video? was it animade by any chance? Thanks

thejonesexperience says:

This list is bullshit..
Needs more brothers…

TheDenux says:


NOBLE's Makings says:

No not kanye west…Id say Justin Timberlake and Daniel Craig 007

leicanoct says:

Kanye is a douche bag. Come on why would I want to dress like an ignoramus.

appartement2046 says:

Um raf Simons? Any hip hop stars from the 80s and 90s??

Sheilla Olga says:

Love the voice over 😍😍😍😍

ringohohw says:

What the hell… Kanye West?? Really?? LOL

Ben Conners says:

"Kayne West is a fashion icon"

Forgett About Entierly.

moviedude22 says:


Christopher Foley says:

Seriously, this is meant to be tounge in cheek, right. Otherwise, yet another example of what is wrong with buying certain types of clothing these days. Bad ad

Cesar Saucedo says:

Kanye West!!!!! Really??!! He should not even be considered!!! Come on Mr Porter!!!!

A.P. Says says:

No doubt these five have made a huge impact on men's style, but to try condense the list of men's style icons into five figures is ridiculous. The Duke of Windsor was the first pioneer of what we recognize as a suit created by Frederick Scholte. In the context of the stodginess of the Royal Family, Edward's incredibly bold colors and patterns shocked but eventually rocked their way into contemporary fashion. Gianni Agnelli propelled the concept of sprezzatura to international heights and is the reason men today wear suits with one or two sleeve buttons undone (or that designers are even making surgeon's cuffs mainstream in the first place). Yes Heidi and Thom Browne propelled the "skinny" looks in the early-mid 2000s that mark 2010s mainstream, but what about Armani who propelled the soft, big-profiled looks that characterized the 1980s? What about Tom Ford who 20 years ago singlehandedly saved Gucci from bankruptcy and today is the reason more designers are incorporating wide lapels and strong shoulders into their suits?

Fabrobin says:

I agree. Hype means a lot of middle class obesed white child's are wearing it. I don't like Kanye West or Off White. However, it is undeniable that their designs are innovative and not bad really, therefore people like it… or maybe they just wanna seem cool, either way, timeless is the true rebellious. For now at least. I still hop on some trends if it suits my personal style, instead of blindly following it. Thank you Mr Porter, your wisdom shall be cherished.

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