Top 10 Men’s Style Secrets/Best Secrets Of Stylish Men

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses his picks for the top 10 men’s style secrets. He talks about the best secrets of stylish men.

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Stew says:

Do a vid on shorts and dress shirts and shirts and shoes for summer. I could really benefit from a vid on that. I’m trying to be super stylish now even more than I am now. Thank you so much your videos really help.

blue duke says:

Jeff, my man can you make a video on the different designs of the pocket square. Your pocket square are on point.

Kyle Taylor says:

O.G. dropping knowledge as usual!!!

Pico says:

Why did you let the cat out of the bag ? Noooooooo! 😫

Mr Instrumentalist says:

One of my secrets is to "play dress up" In my downtime, going through the closet and laying out or trying on different combinations to see if I like them. When I have an appointment, I don't waste time having to worry about it. Any items that don't get used in my dress-up games get donated.

Sean John says:

Keeping me interested

Magnum LA Will says:

I'm already doing most of these.

Kevin Norton says:

You forgot one style secret that is a must… grooming! Stylish men are always well groomed, hair, nails hands/feet, oral hygiene, and skin.

Shane Wright says:

Point #2 is a must keep rule, and it has an important corollary – when I decided to up my style game, I had a look at what was in my wardrobe – and there was a lot of junk. I measured my wardrobe and worked out I took up 4.9 cubic meters of space. I set myself a rule to get it own to 1.9 cubic meters of lean quality and fungibility. Did that – by getting the quality core and the interchangeability. Nothing came in without something going out. I got it done and even have 0.1 cubic meter to spare! So the lesson is dont be prepared to put something into the wardrobe unless you have something you can afford to take out.

meghnath dey says:

A little secret Jeff is Idris Elba's half brother

Andrew Viney says:

Great video, thank you sir!

Mithil Chokhani says:

The fitting of your suit is 🔥🔥

Riz Kler says:

Salute O.G! My style secret is following you 👍😎🤘

Kyron Mainer says:

Good stuff brother… keep putting out quality content

Justus Koshiol says:

Love these videos man.

Neil Patel says:

jeff can you make a video on how to style black boots/sneakers?

David S. says:

Another great video OG! Just shows why the basics and essentials are so important to stock up on.

M A says:

Great stuff, how’s the move to Atlanta?

Bigismdaboss says:

Being as though I'm a @1_flyfatguy I tend to stand out, that's why it's imperative that i stay on point and take pride in the way i look, groomed, hygiene, clean fit, cologne, and a great pair of shades😎👌🏾

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