Top 10 Most Iconic Spring MensWear Pieces/Most Iconic Spring Men’s Style Items

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses his picks for the most iconic spring menswear pieces. He talks about the most iconic spring men’s style items.

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Noman Meria says:

"Congratulations for 40k……"

Gtfoh says:

Gap does a nice chino and Harrington. also sells a reasonable price Harrington

JohnNathanShopper says:

Docker slim taper chinos are great. They're available in lots of sizes including 29" inseam, and the fit is tight but forgiving with a whopping 2% spandex in some colors.

Charlie Platnum says:

A’ lovin’ the channel but what I need to know is where you from ‘cause in DC we call the Jack Percell’s “Blue Tips” and the only other place I’ve ever heard them called “Smiley’s” is B-More…… help me out on this one…..I’m curious

Amr 01 says:

Wow what happened to jose zuniga

yo! its Tony Tone! says:

I was always a Jordans,air max kinda guy until I got a pair of plain black minimalist van sneakers . and I have to tell you, I really like them. they're not to hard to dress up or down and they go with everything just about. I wanna get a all white pair next. great addition to any shoe collection.

Gary Taylor says:

Never heard of the Jack Purcell. It looks like a Converse which of course are very popular. I notice there's a lot of British iconic pieces there. 👌

Mohammed Akhil says:

Good evening! Respect, to you and your choices. I have a query. Talking about icons, I would like to know your opinion about All Star Converse shoes. It would be great if you could make a video about it. If not, it would be very kind of you if you would just reply to me regarding this. Thank you.
Mohammed Akhil

thestylishgrownman says:

Jack Purcells and Clarks… always in my closet! Great vid!

Miguel Mirrado says:

Salute O.G.

What watch would you recommend?

J 3 says:

I'm digging the classic menswear seasonal style series. Thank you for this. I can't wait for the summer version of this.

Swole swole says:

Im digging the shoes. Cole Haan has a nice pair. Can you wear thin scarfs in the spring or is that to much

Shane Wright says:

It's good to see the high proportion of English pieces work their way in there – next thing we know you'll have gone "style native" and be wearing a flat cap, walking a whippet and watching cricket! (all very stylish things to do in their on way).

Gtfoh says:

The Steve McQueen / Paul Newman look

Andrew Viney says:

Every time I see a Herrington jacket the more I want one. Gotta get one for sure.

tanbir rahman says:

IMO the most classic white sneakers are superga white sneakers (since you mentionned Steve MCqueen and his Harrington)

Nikos Ioannou says:

Very good as always! I think light weight cardigans are a basic spring essential too!

Riz Kler says:

Salute O.G! Fred Perry used live near me round da corner! Classic video 🎾😎🏆

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