Top 10 Worst Winter Style Mistakes/Style Mistakes Men Make In The Winter

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses the 10 worst style mistakes men make in the winter. He talks about how men can avoid making style take a back seat to function during the winter season.

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Bronze Buddha says:

**Bruh… your advise makes the most since of all the style Tubers. Thank you.**

Jimmy Edmonds, Jr says:

Jeff get advice OG's still have to keep their game on point.

Speedsk8r says:

Digging your outfit bro good stuff 👌🏾🤘🏾

Rico Baca says:

Nice winter style advice.

Jorge Arroyo says:

I am glad I have a wife that looks at this things and keeps me in check lol. Great video brother and great advice. Michelin men LOL

Travis Armstead says:

Great video once again and great tips. Too bad most don’t apply to me seeing as I live in Florida. Either way keep em coming. Salute!!!

Chuck Spencer says:

Style O.G appreciate the tips as always but we have to get you a tie keeper fam. That sky blue tie did not want to act right during this shoot… #100

flycaptain585 says:

Always love!

Noor Hussain says:

Nice video Jeff. When is man getting a shout out first asked back in November!

SasukeXX007 says:

Thumbnail has crackin up! LOLOLOL

Phillip English says:

If you keep this quality rythm videos, you will grow and grow !!

Of course you can do whatever you want, but try not become a selesman youtuber as the big ones have turn into…

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