Top 5 Men’s Coats That Never Go Out Of Style/5 Most Classic Men’s Coat Styles

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. gives his picks for the top 5 men’s coats that never go out of style. He talks about the classic coats men should grab that are timeless.

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Carpe Diem says:

Yo Jeff, I am a new subscriber thanks to your boy Tony over at RMRS. I have been watching RMRS, AlphaM and TMF for about two years now.  I have been hunting for some brothers with fashion channels to help me fine tune my Washington DC style. I try to keep it sharp, tight and classy in the Nations Capital on a regular.  I'm holding it down, but can always learn something new, As an ALPHA Male with style you have to keep it smooth all the time or the HATERS will not have anything to talk about.  Hope to see you in ATL next month. Now, I'm going to fix me a nice glass of Crown on the rocks and sit down to watch some of your videos.  Peace…..Taj

TrojanMars1 says:

Top/over coat for me

J 3 says:

One of your BEST TOPICS yet!

Mario Bran says:

Those are some nice coats. I gotta take your advice and begin purchasing one a year. Salute!!!

Wedani Mumuni says:

You keep hollering and it’s left with me… Wedani from Ghana

Bertram McCray says:

Great video!! I copped me a original navy peacoat from a thrift store. Keep the videos coming!!

LeVar Freeman says:

Great choices!!

joval wilkinson says:

hey dude why don't you give me a shout out

AnAssassinoftheLeague says:

Good video OG! Peacoats are awesome. Got a black one myself. I would love your take on men's watches in another video. Thanks

Jesse Dominguez says:

Always styling , now I have to go get an over coat

jeannine morgan says:

Nice video I love the way all peacoats look .

Mel Reacher says:

thanks man, i want to buy a new nice coat, this helps.

Tired of Fools says:

Jeff, great picks as usual. I've been looking for a quality pea coat to pull the trigger on for less than $300.. but haven't found it yet. Any suggestions? I just picked up them Red Suede Pony Kicks you highlighted in a previous video and I'm loving the old skool style.. was only $36 at Nordstrom Rack! Thx Bruh!

ecoyt1 says:

Great video as always. We don’t have true winters in Mississippi. Like last week we were in the teens and 20’s, but today’s high is in the 60’s, so it’s hard to justify paying for multiple big coats. However, my tailor makes some nice coats. Check him out on instagram. @Icandycc_

Naseem Breeze J says:

Why don't you try a longer hair style… you'll look younger… believe me…. Just like the picture in your video 1:45

Lorian Reavely says:

Damn OG you forgot the classic leather jacket! I have a coat fetish, I own maybe 15 coats. From my dirty Snap-on coat to my nice rain/over coat and everything in-between Glad to see you mentioned over on RMRS congrats on that, and as always have a great day and salute!

Riz Kler says:

Black pea coat… my best buy yet! I will look at a camel overcoat after seeing it modelled here. A trench coat with a big umbrella is ideal for Manchester's famous rainy seasons haha…

Carl Baltensperger says:

I hate duffel coat ! I dont think i will ever own one.

Dee Parks says:

I'm feeling the peacoat and trench coat. Great video and tips 🖒🖒

Frederick Calabrese says:

Thanks for the reminder. I need to have my tweed overcoat tailored. I live where I may where at most twice per year or when traveling. The raincoat with a zip-out lining is the most practical.

Denard Ballard says:

That was great advice! I live in Texas and our weather can be very crazy. I've been thinking about what type of coats to get that won't be out of style the next time it is cold here (whenever that might be). Salute!

Terrance Sparrow says:

Please subscribe to my channel to help me out please

jackie wong says:

I have nearly only overcoat. Camel, marine blue and dark grey. Three trench coats. They are good for different outfits.

Mohammed Hasan Afzal says:

My coat game just went a whole lot up… Salute👍🏼 from Türkiye

Luke Cage says:

The OG is early! You got the Juice now man 😁.

D Smoove says:

YOU’RE BACK!!! Those coats were on point. I’m looking for a trench coat now but that parka is perfect for NYC. Great video as always.

Sam Francis says:

Man you look really good in the camel coat 🔥🔥

D Co says:

It's hard to find a good pea coat these days; nevertheless, DOPE vid.

Gary Martin says:

Great advice, I have all those coats. I’ve recently picked up a Parkka on sale at Zara , after seeing it featured in a YouTube video

Obioma Ebere says:

Nice video as always. Please keep them coming…..

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