What To Wear – Drama Teachers | Men’s Style Advice

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In this edition of Morts & More Moment we answer questions around what a drama teacher would wear to school.

Please send all your questions to ask@mortsandmore.com

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Thank You Gentlemen. A👑💯

Jairo Falla says:

hi make a videos of how to wear shoes without socks please

haroldlm64 says:

Good advice gentlemen.

Poet Productions says:

I really appreciate the answer to my question. This has helped me narrow my choices and actions down without resorting to polyester. That being said – there are some things a Drama Teacher must do that I cant ask a student to do. I just cannot express how much I love these videos and when I am in the market for a new suit, I will definitely be emailing you guys to help me make it work. Time to start saving! (And I love the suggestion for a Tweed jacket – I am all about it when its winter. Maybe just a rolled up long sleeved shirt in Summer.
Much praise to you guys at Morts and More.

Bronze Buddha says:

The purple tie tho…

Lolly says:

I would recommend wearing the suit as a jacket and take it of when teaching. Wear a denim jacket If interested. Use denim in general or linin since its hot in Aus.

nikos markou says:

Great work as always.one question guys:recently mt tailor suggested me the charles clayton fabrics,english cloth.what is your opinion about them?

harrish krishna says:

Great vid. Keep it up!

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