3 High Tech Gift Ideas For Men 2017-2018|Bitcoin Gadgets

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This video showcases 3 High Tech Bitcoin Gadgets that would make Great Gift Ideas For Men in 2017 and 2018.

Products Featured:
Piper Bitcoin Paper Wallet Printer – https://cryptographi.[com]
HOOFOO Wallet – Available for Pre-Order on Indiegogo
Trezor Bitcoin Wallet – http://amzn.to/2BLNcFw
Trezor link is an affiliate link


Tek Whirl says:

Let us know in the comments below, which was your favorite item

Rocky And Derrick Show says:

Don't know about Bitcoin, they all looks great!!!👍👍👍👍👍


Good video my friend <3

N K Swar says:

Liked very nice

JR's Time says:

nice,,,thanks for sharing

Gotta love carpet pythons says:

I didn't even know this existed until today really interesting.

MrFish Gaming says:

Bro ten out of ten video love ❤️ the ideas 💡

Mara Campos Variedades says:

muy bueno ……saludos

The Insane Bolt! says:

Awesome video bro 👍

DemonzZ says:

omg so cool ;p thanks for sharing!

I Can Do This Talaga says:

great video. electronic wallet for bitcoin. now I need is get more info in the bitcoin 😊👍thank you for sharing this with us.

The Fairly Odd Couple says:

I am just starting to learn about Crypto Currency, so this video was perfect timing for me.

MZK BABY says:


KhemicalDaawg says:

I think printing the ticket would be cool but there's something to clean about the first one. It seems to secure the way he talks. I like the second, eastern europe baby 😀 hah

Texas Life with Julie Hughes says:

All these products are super smart, I think my favorite may be TREZOR. thanks for keeping us in-the-know!!!

Chix Trix says:

Great video

Mi2wice Music says:

B I g l I k e

Cadillac's Corner says:

The Piper sounds interesting I' like the video

dede m says:

Thanks i sub back and like

Walker Outdoors says:

Thanks for subscribing I just return the favor

Hùng Mùi says:

great video

cronocyde says:

Notification squad right there. If you want to show support, let's do the same for all the small youtubers. This is how we're gonna grow together! 🙂

Good job 🙂

Fortnite Gaming Inc. says:

I liked the video

Tiny Mini Çocuk says:

Hello dear Friends , Thank you for the wonderful video, we will be very happy to visit your last video.

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