5 Things You Can Do Right Now To INCREASE Your Style

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Bhansee Jabs says:

I stopped watching video at 0:09 coz he said can anybody advice me what to do🤡🤡

Nashib Farooqi says:

Can't ever go wrong with Vans sneakers.

massive Blowers says:

idol of style

Rachit Maini says:

East or west Jose is the best

Aaron Yu says:

Slim fit? For the tops, slim can work to an extent, but just a little too constricting. Regular fit is too baggy. Pants… slim fit and I look extremely weird because my thighs are about twice the size of my calves. Straight fit helps proportion out my legs. Ah the struggles when you lift…

therealG says:

You don’t stand out if you wear old skools. It has become the most basic shoe ever

ツTrewly says:

5 tips almost for free- tips 2 buy slimfit

Kyle Pacheco says:

I dont wanna be a TMF teen anymore. Girls be like all over me lol Jose u need to make a video on how to escape this nightmare

Geetha Anbu says:

Bro use caption in all of ur videos , it is easy to remember

David Schjodt says:

(0:00) But, I'm just eating digestive… Sorry!😢

No Name says:

1. Remove color
2. Buy slim fit
3. Wear Sneakers
4. Focus on small things too
5. Don’t overthink things

The Cavaliers Den says:

The type of content that inspires you to create you own channel. Thank you

Christian Pedersen says:

Yo Jose, where do you get that jacket you’re wearing?

BosnianGhost says:

Which sneakers are you rocking on that dope thumbnail?

Elijah Garma says:

Btw bro. I have the same problem with pants(specially jeans and trackpants) The crotch area gets torn really quick after a few months

Elijah Garma says:

Hey man. New sub here. I love your vids. I will start saving money now to buy wardrobe and men grooming

seth blanton says:

I where boots every day I need these kinds of jeans

Abdul Khiyaam Hendricks says:

Thanks for the steps jose


This guy reminded me of- alpha m.

Umair Butt says:

Still you are not looking good lol

Shresto Shresto says:

Damn zose ur my fav youtuber I have literally watched all ur episodes damn Man U improve me now Iam the sexiest and coolest guy in my school btw Iam from Bangladesh and Iam in std 9

Syed says:

2 sponsers in 1 video jose leveling up

youneverknow says:

Love – I love you! But please dont shout too loud!

John Williams says:

You became commercial!

Wasif Iqbal says:

No.6 : Watch tmf everyday.

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