Awesome Tech Gift Ideas For Guys!

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Awesome items from Lifeproof, Logitech, Canon, Iriscard, Adidas, Sleepace, EcoBee, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Nvidia, Rectonics, Blu, and Asus!!

Lifeproof Fre –
Lifeproof Nuud –
Dog and Bone Case –

Logitech G700S –
Logitech G900 Chaos –
Logitech –

IrisCard Anywhere 5 –

Adidas Fit Smart –
Sleepace Reston –
Fitbit Charge –
Jawbone Up 2 –

EcoBee 3 –

Huawei Watch –
Samsung Gear S2 Classic –
Motorola 360 Gen 2 –
Apple Watch –

Apple iPad Air –
Apple iPad Air 2 –
Nvidia Shield K1 –
Rectonics RecPad 10 –
Google Nexus 9 –

Asus Ac5300 Router –


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Carter Falkenberg says:

Feminist triggered incoming…

Dena Ghazi says:

I am a bit offended, I am a female and interested in alllll these tech items, I suggest you to do another episode for females that will be a fair and square game!

Toyya Robinson says:

I love your voice!!! and video of course!!!!

Marco Subero says:

Dope video man, awesome work.

Crash Central says:

Excellent video as always! :)

A. W. says:

Awesome. Great video as usual. Please give us more info on that asus router. Happy early Father's Day to you.

Vicente George says:

Awesome Vid Jon! Great choices!  All of them could easily fit my tech needs hahahaha I'll play the video "casually" when my fiancee is home lol

Stephanie S says:

great stuff

Omar Anees says:

Did anyone notice the RED card reader on his desk? Are you hiding something?

Out of Context says:

im starting to think this entire channel is fake

TechExamined says:

Dang.. The list of stuff!! Great video bro

ananth kundurthi says:

Nice video and really informative. Please do an in depth review of the router will really appreciate it

Jacob Henson says:

Really awesome ideas. Great video thanks.

Aditya C says:

Excellent video as always.

JR007 says:

another amazing vid, thanks so much!

ps, please do an in-depth review of the router.


great video as always
by the way did you started recording the voice over without script?

Kenb1990 says:

I've been debating for awhile if I should get an Apple Watch or just get a cheaper Fitbit that is able to do the same thing except maybe answer calls and texts.

Tiffany Hicks says:

Good morning

S. Coleman says:

Hey man, when are you gunna start using the red?

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