Building a 4K Workstation with Dennis!

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Easlit says:

Nice work Dennis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Overlord says:

Nvidia: We have an army of GPUs
LMG: We have a Dennis…

Throwback to Avengers 2012 😁

Adam Smith says:

Is he good at ANYTHING?!? I feel like they keep him around just for laughs.

Andrei Taranu says:

Is the probation thing a joke? If it is, it's somewhat funny, but I thought that maybe you meant something to do with a trial period that new employees have to go through when they get hired at your place. Are you currently implementing such a trial period?

Red Hood says:

Really??? He is Asian he should be able to do this blind folded…

ProjectHomeProductions says:

Please tell me you're not Using HDR for creative stuff…windows activates HDR in premiere and photoshop and it turns stuff jankey

Albert C. says:

is it possible to make a semi portable build that runs with just one power cord?

Eirik A says:

LTT builds a imac pro 😛

Artur Żółkowski says:

:d better than apple's crap iMac pro? 😀

nikitas oikonomidis says:

And what parts does that pc have ? I really wanna know cause I make animation…so…I want to have an idea

Jordy Fingersh says:

we have 5 rams

Emil Magallón says:

It works -Dennis 2k18

Dario Salvatore Romano says:

5:21 That's exactly how I picture Dennis handling a lady.

Bleach Master says:

What if LG made GPU's would they suck?

social3ngin33rin says:

omg that 8K scrubbing @_@

Harley Akers says:

8:51 tsk tsk not subbed to austin smh 🙂

John Grimes says:

When somebody is literally around something every day of their life and still suck at it, it's pretty pathetic…

Bryan Pace says:

I'm sorry, yes we are, the editor did you no favors in removing comedic timing lmao

Harley Akers says:

man i love dennis so much haha so cute 🙂

Tony Ling says:

There was an idea…

Fall Krietr says:

Linus you bully XD

Andre Mai says:

asian slave labor

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