Calvin Klein Tech Cool Men’s Underwear Try On Haul

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this video is not sponsored all underwear were paid out of my own pocket.

In this video I show you the Tech Cool Calvin Klein range which is geared towards being a more athletic lifestyle whether that could be going to the gym, going for a run or some other scenario that involves being active.

the material is soft and very ventilated which helps in giving the best support and breathability which is needed in a sports underwear. Being a part of a 2pack also gives you value for money as well, I really like this underwear the band is soft to touch and you get alot of support its great for an everyday underwear aswell as having the benefits of a sports underwear.

I hope you enjoyed the next in the sports series


Ruxpin Mulroney says:

great video! those are some very nice undies. u look great in them…u also look sexy in those glasses. thanks! And.haunted says:

Your sexy I have dreams off you at nite

Andrew baby says:

I need support, I really do.

Andrew baby says:

You are super hot, good body.

Rob M says:

Damn you look good Mikee .

marcuz8624 says:

You look great with glasses!

Bebzter Vlog says:

I came here because of your comment on my channel. I love your videos. What cam did you use if you dont mind me asking? #YouAreHot

Merson Española says:

Both colors are great I like it. And you look good in your eye glasses.😉👍



James Baxter says:

I like the glasses

Doug McCracken says:

You look very handsome in glasses; they suit you.

Ryan Moralde says:

I like the new set of underwears.

mike acord says:

Both colors look great on you! Hope your eye gets better but in the meantime–the glasses are totally *HOT*!!!! Very professorial!! Always look forward to you and your videos!! <3

Brad Sumner says:

Another great review

Randy 415 says:

Loved the review on those underwear😊you looked good in them

Donald Storm says:

I got to tell you your glasses look awesome you look so handsome in them

Mark Ethan says:

I like the glasses!

laune morder says:


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