Gift Ideas For Men 2017-2018 | 5 High Tech Wearable Gadgets | Smart Jackets

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This video video is a part of a series that showcases Gift Ideas For Men. It showcases 5 High Tech Wearable Gadgets: Smart Jackets.

Products Featured:
1.Zegna Sport Icon Jacket :
2.midi-controller-jacket :
3.Sporty Superhero Jacket :…
4.Tommy Hilfiger Solar Panel Jacket :…
5.Hallam smart jacket :


Tek Whirl says:

Let us know in the comments below, which was you favorite item of the day. Don't for get to subscribe to our channel if you haven't already, thanks for watching!

A Lou says:

This is something you would see on James Bond, it’s a great invention

Kayla Key says:

Omg where were your videos when I had no clue what to get my boyfriend for his birthday lol. Great video 👍🏼

Tyrone Tiaga says:

Liked your video guys. Keep it up! I hope you have time to visit my channel. Thank you!

Nerd in the Bay says:

Wow insane concept & ideas! The last jacket won me over. Keep up the great work!

Kolorful Kalmele says:

These are very cool items! Thanks for sharing! New subbie here! Lets support each other.

CrimsonStudios says:

loving this one!

EX-WOLF says:

really liking the content your producing keep it up!!!!!

Gaming Grandpa says:

great video, loved the jacket with the solar panels, I need one of them for xmas, thanks for sharing

Richard's Reality says:

Loved that first jacket, heck, I loved em all!

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