Primitive Technology: Man Make Crocodile Trap – How To Make Big Crocodile Trap Work

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Primitive Technology: Man Make Crocodile Trap – How To Make Big Crocodile Trap Work

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sjsramanan says:

Fake. the croc is ultimately tied with a tiny string, if you look clearly.

mrstraightforward stayready says:

Thats a bunch of CROC

A.LaVerne Filan says:

At least the primitive man was smart enough not to get drunk, pass out on the beach and give the 🐊 crocodiles 🐊 hangovers. That's only something that about 95 percent of those making comments in the comment section would do. Most of you people are living proof that harold wallace rosenthal (in his interview that can be found on the internet and youtube) knew what he was talking about. He said, 'The richest plum was later to come when we took over publication of all school material, through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes', he said, 'the american people are nothing but stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them whether they be truth or lies.

Myrna Jancinal says:

How will it fit the Crocks when it's aiming upward moron!

Cal Mch says:

I'm not against him killing the animals but y would u want to kill a crocodile in the first place

José Rivera says:

Es el mismo Caimán en todos los videos, es su mascota que no se dan cuenta.

Armando Sato says:

but thats bad :C

VICTOR GABRIEL Lopes Novais Silva says:

como eles fazem iso

Nathan Jameson says:

People have gotta eat that 🐊 wouldn't think twice of eating us so he wants to eat

حيوانات ولكن؟ says:

فتاة عبقرية تخترع فخ وفكرة جهنمية لصيد الاسماك في الانهار بطريقة سهلة وغير مكلفة فكرة مجنونة 😱😨HD

Tweeter05 says:

It's pretty there…. Excuse my ignorance but is this Vietnam?

Emiliano Guajardo says:

You are an idiot and poor, uneducated and disgusting

guitarMartial says:

why am i watching this? how did i get here?

Mohamed Mohamed says:

I’m just going

Marcio Baptista says:

novidadz 2018 incrivriveis

just me says:

just a matter of time before this guy ends up as crocodile droppings.

Kenge Basar Basar says:

Boring video

Kenge Basar Basar says:

Boring video

Ndin Fadillah says:

bocah tolol mau begoin orang wkwkw




estoi arto de mentiras y poreso ago este comentaryo :v :/

Dhiraj Kumar says:

इसको करेगा क्या ?

gonzalo perez pitiot says:

Ese no lo cazaste con la trampa para q el arco? Mentiraaaaa

ken ho says:

They bought the crocs for the views….cambodians smh

Brandon Polston says:

@9:12 at the bottom said they didn't kill any crocodiles or animals just showed how to make the trap and said thanks for understanding that's a great trap if it come to that

KoKoLa KKL says:


BetterKnownAsMalice says:

When Morgana lands a Q on Renekton

Tech Health says:

Nice trick


Fernando De La Barrera Parra says:

How come this dude knows everything about crocs/alligators and he is walking in the water like if he was in the park. Amazing how these people aren't afraid of nature.

Jennifer Tharpe says:

How do you know ti is a monther croc stupid

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