Men’s Health Dial Dumbbell Review

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Men’s Health Dial Dumbbell Review


ron sae says:

I hope you have a good year! God bless you my friend. 🙂

kuuku Yankson says:

Why is the locking mechanism not firm with these ones?I find them always moving and making noise when am working with them.Is that your experience?I did have Bowflex ones and they were so smooth

Vilebrequin69 says:

Very helpful video Chris – cheers!

zahir ibn abdul wahab kadar says:

Cheers @ ChrisStaFitness

monkeyshlut says:

£100 each, buying 2 will set you back £200.Lol, have you been listening to Michael Owen?

Peter Adams says:

Hi Christafitness Just bought a pair of these at 149 quid in the sale

Deadlift Kid says:

I have to admit I've always been sceptical about these adjustable dumbells on the market I use hex dB's myself purely cos these don't go any heavier than 25kg or do they? and good review I have to say but do they ever rattle loosely ? so purely for the max weight issue is making me stick to old school hex dB's but the space would be great could get more kit lol

Norfolk Monkey says:

Only one in stock at local Argos so brought that and reserved one for collection next day. Paid £99.99 plus a little toy for my lad for a pound and got a £10 off voucher so paid £69.99 next day .

Paul says:

Good no nonsense review….. bought a set yesterday 2 for £180 so saved £20 : )
just out of interest did you get extra plates with yours I have a full stack on each dumbell then got another box with an extra 8 x 1.25kg plates can understand getting 2 spare but 8!!!

uncomnizm says:

do you think these would rust and sieze up being left outside in UK?

viz10101 says:

so you've had these for a year now. have you had any problems with them?

The Family Guy says:

Great review everything I wanted to know thanks.

watcha mankambae says:

thanks for the review mate 😊

Luke Gammer says:

Saw these after thinking about the Powerblocks… Reserved two and now i can't wait! This review has pushed me to these more and more now!

DaleAmigaMan says:

Excellent review. You sold them to me 🙂  I've just got back home from collecting a pair of these from our local Argos. I've checked them over and they appear very well made for the money.

koimaster says:

nice review

Josef Salvat says:

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SpeedyDoc #DOCARMY says:

These are the cheapest dial dumbell you can get as the Amazon's cheapest start at £200! I've just got a 20kg dumbell set and seperately got two 5kg iron discs to use as a starter. I may get these next year if they reduce further in price, cheers for the review.

chaomac says:

Ah man sweet
Great idea for drop sets!!
Can you tell me all the different weight combinations you can do as looks like there is a massive jump from 7.5kg to 12.5kg?

Maff Mace says:

nice one, cheers, was thinking about joining a gym, but these and a small bench will do me well

John Miller says:

good review on these Chris. does your Mrs use these as well? mine is always getting on at my because i have fat grip dumbbell handles and she cant hold them.

Nick Goodson says:

When you load to 25kg, aren't they quite wide for floor chest pressing? Cheers.

Franklim Lifts says:

Looks interesting! Strong review man


looks legit

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