7 Things Men Want But Won’t Ask For | What Men Really Want

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7 Things Men Want But Won’t Ask For | What Men Really Want

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Do you ever think to yourself, “What do men really want?” “what do men want in a relationship?”, “what men want but won’t ask for?” or “how to keep your man”

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Questions I get asked a lot by women are “what do men really want in a relationship?” and “what do men want?”. How to keep your man by knowing what men want in a relationship but are too scared to ask you for? That’s what I’m chatting about in this video!

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Giving relationship advice and dating advice to women on what men want in a relationship and things men want but won’t ask for is one of the most important things I do as a male dating coach/relationships coach. It can be hard to know what men want… because they don’t necessarily ask for it! Whether because he’s scared, shy, not consciously aware of it himself or just not a good communicator, figuring out what men want (but won’t ask for) in a relationship is essential to keeping a guy and keeping your man.

Good dating advice and relationship advice on what men want (but won’t ask for) will give you specific and clear examples of some of the wants and needs men have that they’re not so good at communicating. Be it space, a type of treatment, something sexual or even just for you to do your own thing, men aren’t always so good at asking for it. That’s why I had to make this video on 7 Things Men Want But Won’t Ask For | What Men Really Want.

When a woman comes to me saying “what to men really want?” “what do men want that they won’t ask for” and “how to keep my partner happy” my first thought is “Important questions”. “This woman is looking to get clarity on her man (or her future man) and what he wants and what men want in a relationship, so she can provide that and keep her own relationship secure.

In this video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach) am revealing 7 things men want that they won’t ask for. Keep your man and keep your relationship healthy today by knowing these 7 things men want but which they won’t ask for in a woman.

If you’ve struggled with figuring out what a guy wants in a relationship and how to keep a guy, this is the video for you. I want to help you understand men by showing you what men really want and 7 things your partners wants which he won’t ask for.

This dating and relationships dating advice video is my comprehensive guide to what men really want in a relationship, how to keep a guy and things men want but won’t ask for. In it, me I describe 7 things men want in a woman which he’ll LOVE to find in you, but which he’ll rarely ask you for. Show these 7 things men really want in a woman in a relationship and I guarantee you’ll have uncovered one of the major secrets of how to keep a guy and how to keep your man.

Enjoy the video guys! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours.

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Mark Rosenfeld is the Australian dating and relationship coach for women and the founder of Make Him Yours, a dating advice and relationship advice service empowering women to find the love they desire.

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Brenda Jane says:

Hi Mark.. Define the kind of respect that you have mentioned. You said… LEAD ON but what if we do things that he said DON'T do this that this that but end up liking it anyway when you do so. Example, if he said let's not message each other for a while (no time frame given) and you send him SMS every now and then just a reminder without any expectation for his response. Does that means DISRESPECTING him?

Catherine Shaw says:

Love This Video

Claudia Pedersen says:

I really looove this video! It literally expresses with words men's nature 💚 so true and helpful 🙂

JadeyFadeyMCR says:

funny every time i tried to give them the opportunity to lead my two exes just never stepped up. One I get, he's emotionally struggling for very personal reasons (he was like a puppy instead of a boyfriend. was done with that rather quick). The other ex… well he didn't know what he wanted. So no surprise that that didn't last. It's just rather hard to meet new guys in my life. I'm looking for a different job, I play team-sport twice a week (all girls almost), I go running twice a week after work, I do strength training at home twice a week (gym is too expensive), I go grocery shopping with my grandmother weekly and I sometimes go out with friends on friday or saturday. Next to trying to learn to play guitar, crochet and learn to knit… I just don't meet new guys. I suppose it's not a great time with a career switch, but still…

Dear Sunshine says:

now I know…thanks a ton, Mark!

angela Lazon says:

hey Mark I wish you would let your hair down more often it's definitely an attraction tool I'm sure more women would come to your Channel I know I myself am dying to see it down more often LOL but that's just me I am a long hair freak since I'm Native American it's just built in for me my hair goes past my butt LOL so I can't help it

Karamel Krystal Kat says:

Legend has it that he will reply if you say MEN

Beloved Royalty says:


Lori Bateman says:

Thanks Mark have a very Happy New Year 😊

Riette Zeiler says:

It is all true what you say, I have given a man 3 chances over a 5 year period, already and he does the same things all over again and again, just got worse with the 3rd and the last time we broke up, he has got 0% respect, lies, does not except me, compairs me with his ex, takes his kids side, does not matter weather they are wrong or disrespectfull, coming up with all sorts of excuses everytime, you can do everything and it is still not enough ever,

Sarah Alharbi says:

God you're so handsome 🙁

Kukiriza Ketrinah says:

Hey Mark, thnx for the videos it's such a tremendous work your doing; be blessed

I have really grasped wisdom out of this & my friend i shared to of some of your vidz wooooouu she's testifying 👍👍

susan jones says:

Super excellent tips for a lifetime thanks a million

saset sasha says:

Men rarely offers help, is in fact really hard to get their help. They have this resistant even when they are madly involve, to actually do things for you. When they do offer some help is because they feel ignored and they will just help you the way they want. They help for a while just to please you but after some time they will go back to say yes and stop helping. Human nature!

saset sasha says:

This is depressing for women! I do not want that men desire me when I am out of reach, I want the contrary. Sadly doesn't work that way.

Susan Grove says:

I always learn so much..thanks for keeping me aware of the make brain..

Ishtar Ashtaroot says:

Thank you very much Mark. You are a real treasure of help. I love watching all your videos even when they are irrelevant to my need!Thank you again and again. God bless you.

simplechicful says:

So what about when you want equal contribution in a relationship? Is that a setback since the man is biologically inclined to lead?

BeRealisticLove says:

Someone pls give me advice! My man said, "I don't text or call u for 2 days bcos i was too horny about u. I need time to calm down so I wouldn't disturb u."
Is it true??? My heart choose to trust him. Or actually he just lose interests in me? But he has told me that I'm so special to him. Argh this is my 1st time being with a man who's 12 years older than me. I'm 23 he's 35. He also well educated than me. I've bachelor degree only while he has master degree in architecture. We live in different country. Sometimes its hard to understand him 😢😭… I need advice pls 😣😣😣

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