Esther Perel on Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships – with Lewis Howes

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Podcast Episode #285

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1:44 Esther speaks on her Family’s history and struggles
7:01 Esther speaks on her Inspiration for her book/ Clinton Scandal
12:04 What goes wrong in relationships?
17:47 The History behind sexuality and desire
20:48 How to keep desire in a relationship
25:51 Experience love and desire at the same time
29:10 How to keep a relationship strong
34:55 History of Marriage
38:04 4 Pillars in Modern Relationships
40:20 Modern Love: Tradition and Innovation
43:02 Couples Retreat
44:57 Divorce: Take Away the Concept of Failure
51:46 LAT: Living Apart Together
53:10 Monogamy is the new frontier
58:51 Era of fulfillment and personal happiness
1:00:53 Choose Your Partner
1:03:20 How to Have a Thriving Relationship
1:06:46 Final Questions

Today I chat with Esther Perel. Esther Perel is recognized as one of the most insightful and provocative voices on personal and professional relationships and the complex science behind human interaction. You can purchase her book here:…

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negromero says:

Amazing, thank you

Ripple 117 says:

I'd rather solve the string theory than try to make a perfect relationship with my wife after this

Jene van Zyl says:

we are resourceful in not owning your own shit

JudgeJeana says:

Esther is so enlightning!

Mena Seifollahi says:

If our relationships reflect our parents then I’m screwed 😨

Ani Karapetyan says:

"the fact that I have options doesn't mean I have to exercise all of them" bravo

Philip Callado says:

"Americans don't cheat one iota less than the French. They just feel more guilty about it." BAM

AUk says:

Im guy and the interviewer is fucking handsome 😀

Tomás de Vasconcellos says:

I like your attitude Lewis.

CJ Creighton says:

The k YOU, Ester.

elvan savkli says:

Another great interview. She has really good observations about couples and men and women .Also being outsider ,i think helps to see things better sometimes .

Pamela Kelly says:

I am just blow away after listening to this discussion!!! Lord knows I would have loved this info 40 yrs ago. What a gift she brings to all relationships. I am ordering her books in audio. Feel blessed to have come across Esther Perel yesterday. I can feel a change in my relationship of more than 40 yrs after 1 day. Esther brings a totally different perspective than I could have ever imagined!!! I could not thank her enough for sharing so much and not permuting her books non-stop as so many often do. Thanks also to Lewis for having such great guests on all the time……. Warmest of hugs to you both…. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK YOU BOTH DO TO HELP OTHERS GROW!!!!!!! Esther is like Dr Ruth on steroids!!!

Alex Septien says:

Clear, Professional, well-researched information on relationships important topics: desire, romance, seduction, love, life, playful….

MG W says:

Ill answer her question about America vs other cultures and it is religion!

Leb says:

Awesome! 🙂

Marina Reznik says:

She is great! Her book is incredibly helpful.

Yitbarek Mirete says:

what an intelligent eloquent and insightful discussion. I enjoyed it – Thank you both.

Janet Johnson says:

Love it. Soooo

Neka Middleton says:

This woman is INCREDIBLE! Her insite is undeniable. Mating is different now, we are changing and evolving but we are trying to not have the conversations about what that means(like adults), rather we are trying to sweep it under the rug. It’s amazing!!

Megan-Jayne Elworthy says:

Ester is so great. Thanks for this interview.

Yangsha Yang says:

I wondered why l fell out of love, l was depress during dating my ex bf, and why l wasn't happy and why l was sad. I started losing feelings for him as time goes by. I realized it was because l didn't get as much space as l can with my friends because l missed my friends very much. He controlled me a lot and didn't let me go anywhere, but during the whole time of the relationship l let him go and hang ou with his friends, etc. And he had a lot of time he got to go out with others. As time went by, he only let me go once in a long time only… but he gets to go most time he wanted… he was insecure and very controlling about me… which he didn't stop and it killed the relationship. I even tried to talk to him about it, but he thinks what he is doing is right. In the end, 2 years was only how long we lasted. I lost feelings for him, and l wasn't happy and l spoke to him about leaving many times, but he wouldn't let go. However the 2nd year we dated going to our 3rd year, he finally let go and probably moved on to other woman. I didn't care as long as l was out of the relationship. I hope he knows it is true that the way he acted towards me killed the relationship and that he shouldn't treat the next woman the same as he did to me because that may kill the relationship as well.

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