Female Erogenous Zones; Sexual Health Education Advice For Men & Women

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Female Erogenous Zones; Sexual Health Education Advice For Men & Women

What the different erogenous zones? How can you improve your sex life? Are you paying far too much attention to just a few parts of the body or our there secret spots that will drive your lover wild? Find out some great advice on how to please your lover and partner to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Dawn R.F. says:

Okay, here is all you need to remember: ALL of a woman's skin is erogenous. 

09Mrsubaru says:

Is this 1990?

Rashed Khoory says:

This woman is ugly

Kiran Shrestha says:

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PhuckHue2 says:

I have fur mittens I use to rub all over her. it makes get goosebumps all over

NintendoGamesFan25 says:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Sarah Worthy.

Sting Su says:

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Cheryl Reth says:

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Nick Vitto says:

Find a nice Mormon girl. They know how to kiss.

Fox Mulder says:

the wife's mouth isn't erogenous, its the source of intense pain for me, the woman wont shut up !

carlc1987 says:

1 thing. 1. the mouth – The girl in that picture looks 12 years old, bit sick.

alonsomaldonado says:

the most erroneous zone in the human kind is the mind!!!

Bark says:

so which part is not the erogenous part in the body?

wolvie041007 says:

i love the sexy female feet

Nigel Ward says:

More great help

John cappello says:

comes natural to some people. for others there is youtube!!

John cappello says:

its all common sense

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