How to be Good in Bed (Modern Day Sexual Man!)

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Let’s talk about better sex, how to have more sex advice & how to be better in bed.

And how to rock a woman’s world in the bedroom by discovering new fingering techniques, new sexual positions, and many more male sex tips.

As men there are countless of things we can do to become more attractive and have better sex. We can improve our eye contact, we can learn how to give a woman an orgasm, our body language, our exercise regimen, our diet, and our confidence.

All of these things can get a woman interested in you, but at the end of the day woman truly respect and admire men that know how to have good sex.

It’s only the natural act of sex that can make a woman feel addicted to you on a primal level.

When you know that you’re that rare guy who can make a woman’s body tingle in ecstasy by fingering her the right way, getting into exotic sexual positions, and being good in bed as well as take her body to different levels of pleasure you will develop more confidence, joy, and happiness.

It’s also the leading factor to gaining a woman’s respect, desire, and loyalty. Not to mention it can make you feel more fulfilled, masculine, and good about yourself.

Nowadays, a lot of women tell me that the men they date that suck in bed.

They say the men they date don’t know how to give a woman an orgasm, they don’t know the naughtiest sexual positions, how to finger a woman, how to stimulate a woman, and they’re just bad in bed.

Up until recently it was okay for a guy to be okay in sex. If a guy knew the missionary, cowgirl, and doggystyle sexual positions, along with knowing where to find the g-spot and the basics on how to finger a girl he was fine.

However, things are different. Women are sexually liberated – they’re not afraid to dump a guy if he’s bad in bed.

With plenty of guys hitting on women, it’s easy to move onto the next guy. So if a man is bad in bed, she doesn’t have to settle anymore and this brings up an important question.

So why are most men bad in bed?

There’s a reason for mens low collective performance in bed. Our mainstream society, has made it their mission to limit good sex advice from hitting the market by shaming men for their sexual desires.

If you express your sexual desires you’re objectifying women; if you want better sex, you’re a pig; if you sleep with lots of women, you’re considered chauvinistic.
They make you feel as if your sexual urges are taboo – they want you to shut up to show no sexual interest in sex.

A great example of this is Russell Brand – he’s a sexually free man who’s literally slept with thousands of women. He knows how to be good in bed, he has better sex, he knows how to give a woman an orgasm, and the media says he needs to settle down. They say he’s a sex addict, a womanizer, they demanded that he changed his playboy ways – they wanted him to feel shame.

Why would they do this?

Society is afraid of sexually free men.

When you’re capable of rocking a woman’s world in the bedroom through various exotic sexual positions, fingering a woman the right way, learning how to give a woman an orgasm, and when you exude sexual energy, it makes women want to sleep with you. When they want to sleep with you, then you’ll become a more powerful and masculine man who goes for what he wants.

Society doesn’t want free men that take control of their lives, they see sexually free men as a threat to their daughters, their egos, and their wives and they want to repress male sexual desire.

Men who have the most sex like rock stars and pornstars don’t share their tricks on how to have better sex, what sexual positions lead to orgasm, how to have good sex, how to stimulate a girl, how to finger a girl, or any of their other sex advice – so it’s up to courses like this to teach you what they know.

Men that write in academics and the record blogs are usually bias – the majority of them say that women are only attracted to tall men or men that can find the g-spot.

My unique life experience has placed me in a position to teach men, and women, about sex and sexuality. The methods you’ll about to learn in this program will teach you fingering techniques that allow you to give her multiple orgasms, the most advanced sex advice for men that’ll make you the best lover she’ll ever have, better sex tips for couples if you’re in a relationship, other advanced sexual positions, as well as what to do if you run out of things to say with a woman.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

For the past 18 months, I’ve organized all of my time to put together this original, never publically released video training program – and now it’s finally ready.

I want you to invite you to discover these techniques learned from sleeping with thousands of women inside this sexual training program – it’s called Modern Day Sexual Man.


Bruce Browner says:

You know… you can make any woman have the ride of her life, having quivering with pleasure in bed no matter how frigid she seems to be. Heck, these are the ones that usually turn into wild sex animals after a few go’s. Google Colt Brondeck’s Fun In Bed, it’s fun for both, and she’ll be, well let’s say pleasantly shocked…

BigJim Tuus says:

would be nice to have an uncle like this man

Ashley Taylor says:

Very good points especially on the media!

LetsGetHighOnMorris says:

Truly legit stuff. Each course is great, especially with all the nuance and importance around foreplay. Very pleased with this purchase.

samg88 says:

i'm a woman i'm 28 . i never have had a man that was good in bed or got me off . never had the big 0 . my name is sam

LLie says:

This would of been the first thing I bought if there was a black friday/tday sale, hope you have a Christmas xpecial or new years I have a chick around the block I want to hook up with and try this on (but self-development part is first, that would just be the icing on the cake)

oboyy says:

I will get this program after I learn how to get to the sex

Bryan says:

Hi Hypnotica, I just have one question to ask. Are you going to be demonstrating your techniques on women? (like Steve P. did back then).

Cosmos Factory says:

I'm in…Thanks for sharing Brother.

9livesgeorge says:

Say no more! Getting it!

VadimCC says:

I live outside of US. Can I still buy it? The payment link doesn't work for me at the moment. And also, will I be able to download it right after the payment? Waiting for some package to arrive is not the best option nowdays.

MrCNZ says:

Hypnotica do I need a big penis to become a modern day sexual man? I am 5".. Please be honest before I buy your product. Thanks.

jerardo Peralta says:

wow who's your copywriting?

John Magdaraog says:

This is gold, keep it up Hypnotica!

bullwhipjesus says:

You should have at least put a 30 second video clip of it, also you said you could watch it on your iPhone but what about Android?

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