My Advice for Young Men Seeking Marriage and Family | Jordan B Peterson

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From my 2nd Patreon Q&A.

A Patron asked: “What’s your advice to young men seeking a woman for marriage and family?”

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Jordan B Peterson Clips says:

Here's a not atypical comment on this video, from viewer Jo Be: "Don't get married, young men. Marriage is a death sentence for your life, kids and money, later on. Don't get married. The western courts have it rigged against you."

Here's my response, to those who give advice in such a manner: Have the courage of your commitments. Take up your sword, metaphorically speaking. Join a political party and start to make your arguments. Fight it out in the marketplace of ideas. Fight the unjust law and the biased courts.

But don't tell young men to avoid young women. There is no difference between that and telling them to avoid life. And don't tell them to avoid commitment, because commitment is necessary.

ifuwantpeace prepare4war says:

I see more and more of the slight of hand political directing this sob is doing. shut your mouth for awhile and let them figure stuff out for themselves goof..your telling individuals what to do and how to get there based on your own ideals that in very few ways have any connection to their life. the book you wrote sounds a lot like its titled by a 7th grade student. "dont let your kids do anything that makes you dislike them" about how realllly idiotic that sounds..regardless..dont get political! leave that crap alone. the people who push to get political are the ones whom have bad plans for the rest of you..this guy flies flags of wayyyy to many colours..

Kawub says:

Jordan Peterson. The counselor of the curious.

Darius Thurman says:

Dr. Peterson, what do you do if you are in your mid 20s and you have failed after asking out over 500 girls? I have lost weight (still fat), I have joined clubs, done sport, even did study abroad. I'm tired of being told its my personality or I'm not confident enough or I'm not positive, it feels like its just nice statements just so they don't have to say I'm unattractive. It hurts a lot, no one wants me, no one will give me a chance. Should just get rich and get big muscles then maybe someone will like me. I want to build a family but hell I can't even get into a relationship.

guillermo dominguez says:

EEEither you are the boss, or She is definetely THE BOSS! Cut the intellectual crap, your wife is your boss J.P,

P W says:

I am Jordon Petersons biggest fan, he really inspires me, however, he is not paying enough attention to the criminal courts that are exploiting men. The court is now the one that creates the “male” criminal and punishing him so that he he can’t recover without paying the court for their rulings.
America is finished and the women can have it. Fuck all you cunts foreign and domestic.

Gordon G says:

Women have no loyalty…and
take away reason and accountability and you have a woman

barbermike1 says:


Bilal Hamurabi says:

you can eliminate the attraction to one another by taking antiandrogenic/estrogenic medication.

Some Millennial says:

We are all flawed and imperfect and that doesn't go away after you marry someone. You bring your bad habits and your ego into a marriage. It's precisely because of this reason that marriage gives you an opportunity to work on your defects, to grow as a person and to become a better human being. I want that.

Salomé Baptist Smith says:

Thanks for the shout out. Exceptionally creative etc. people, stay out of it, and it's a dangerous path. Yessss!

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