Sexual Rejection

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Sexual rejection can spark off intensely powerful and destructive emotions. We should learn to tame them before they get out of control. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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LWuffie says:

this made me get teary eyed man.

Francisco Azevedo says:

Pity sex. Okay… we understand.

Berni Alban says:

Can u make a video about long distance relationships

mfriedrich2012 says:

You cannot negotiate genuine sexual desire.

Corey Messick says:

I can't get my dick wet to save my life so now you know how I feel…

Nicholas Hietman says:

It wasn't a lack of sex, Johnny was confusing sex with acceptance and being loved, and his childhood had a part in bringing about that confusion within him.
Sex is not the Pinnacle of love. If it is then I can easily go out and have sex with a bunch of hookers, I'm pretty sure I will be really loved and accepted after that. Why do you think people have affairs in the first place!
Do not mix sex with Acceptance and love. What matters most?…… your sex or your partner.
If something is wrong in your marriage and it has something to do with sex, you can rest assured that you're confused and need to change the way you think.

Márk Moldován says:

Johnny was lucky to find a partner like Rachel. Most women would've broke up with him for "being a pussy".

BadHabits Gaming says:

Tfw watching this as an ex Marine who grew up with an alcoholic mother in Chicago and is dealing with this same issue currently….
The world is weird.

Barrington Morris says:

Johnny boy don't marry her. She will love her sexual gates forever 😂🤣

CatArmor says:

What if he or she stopped caring and became morbidly obese? Is it wrong to feel a little repulsed?

theprzemko07 says:

So WHAT? Johny is not gonna get more sex with Rachel? You told us that he just gave up with trying, that he is cool with having no sex. Is that really a happy ending?

bluefirex24 says:

Is No Sex before marriage even a thing in America now? Is there benifit's to not having sex before marriage?

RyanAlaska says:

whats been described in this video sounds like sympathy sex. Thats not what I'm after either. I dont want sex any way I can get it from my wife. I want her to want me. truley be attracted to me not feel sorry for me and then appease me. that just seems gross.
I was hoping for a video that told me little things to increase her desire for me. Like when we first got together, didn't matter how tired we were, we stayed up and had sex cause we were excited to be with one another. but that has worn off, but only on one side of the marriage. And don't say I should leave her. thats not an option. I still love her. I would change anything about myself physically or mentally if it meant she would find me attractive again. I'm not a bad looking guy, and I am physically fit. I have quit drugs, don't drink, help around the house, do "manly chores", get involved with our kids, educate myself, educate our kids, etc etc. I ask her what she wants in bed, I ALWAYS make sure she is pleased first in the rare occasion we do have sex. so what now? is there something I missed?
a part of me (most of me) is getting more and more pissed every day with no constructive way to express it. She knows why I get so worked up and even says so, (I know you need to get laid but you need to calm down") but then nothing happens. So I'd like to hear from women….What is something I can do that is a sure fire way to light up her loins?!

Mitchell Wright says:

They wern't even married?

wwatkin21 says:

The only way you get continuous sex from your spouse is by having a high self esteem and be pursuing your own interest. Obviously they’ll be moments when both parties aren’t interested in engaging each other sexually or one party will have physical reasons I.e. period period, hemroids, stomach cramps etc. But if your significant other is constantly rejecting you it’s because she’s not interested or attracted to you anymore because you’ve probably lost yourself in her. If a woman knows you can get pussy anytime you want from any number of women then she’ll constantly keep you happy,

justoldog says:

Right. Just express your feelings and all will be OK. Good luck with that.

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