The Top 10 Male Sexual Fantasies

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Dr. Brian Parker, sex expert for lists the top 10 male sexual fantasies. For more sexual top tens, questions, and sexual advice check out the Education & ForeverPleasure TV sections of


IllLeadUFollow says:

nope look it up same sex fantasies happen to be some of the most common among heterosexual men

Ganman33 says:

Hmmm… not really a good list.
"Sex with another woman" or "sex with two women" or "watching a man and a woman have sex" isn't really a fetish. "Kinky stuff" includes many things.
I think a fetish is a little more specific than this.

jay dodson says:

not with another man. only gay fantasy is this. not all mans .

gkhinduatheist says:

" I am not going to be drawn into a conversation by you further than this and it is not because I am into that fantasy I am not"

Somehow I find that hard to believe, sunshine! I've realized that every "straight" woman has had lesbian fantasies and that "Straight Girl" is the oxymoron of the millennium, like "Herbivorous Hyena"!!

gkhinduatheist says:

That's not the answer to my question. give a darn to what u r. My point was: when the heterosexuality of you women itself can be so questionable (and even more so compared to men, as is obvious now), then what gives you women the right to question the heterosexuality of us men? As if you alone have the exclusive copyrights to heterosexuality!
PS: Knowing that u're a woman and what women fantasize about, it is difficult for me to believe that u've never fantasized abt. a lesbian fling before!

gkhinduatheist says:

OK sunshine! It seems you don't wanna answer me as to why sex with another woman (aka lesbian sex) occurs so high (#5) in the female top 10 sex fantasy list! If that is indeed the case, why would any man want any woman? Anyway, like I had previously said, the dude here is obviously gay and projecting some of his fantasies here! So what do I conclude from the female top 10 fantasy? That straight girls are no different from the lezz/bi girls?

gkhinduatheist says:

Top 10 female fantasy: watch?v=wKcS37temao
#5 SEX WITH A WOMAN! we are talking about female fantasies here right?
You chicks love lezzing out and yet, for some fucked up reason, get to call yourselves straight! One can understand gay sex at #10 in this list: gay/bi men are getting more vocal (although I still think the gay dude in the vid is projecting HIS sick fantasies onto us men, as MOST men don't endorse this lifestyle!). But, lesbian sex at #5? How do you girls call yourselves straight?

gkhinduatheist says:

Good job! Never denied that closet non-hetero males do exist! But, you don't seem to get the crux of what I've just said! MOST men are straight and would get disgusted at the very thought of these gay things…HETEROSEXUALITY does exist, buddy boy, and does so in a majority! We REAL men don't fantasize abt. other dudes at all! Yes, these so-called "straight" women may fantasize abt. other women, but in a man's world, "straight" really means STRAIGHT; not even remotely bi-curious/homo/bisexual!

BShanishkra says:

technically there are gay people that are in the closet for there whole life and act straight because they are afraid of how society will view them, which means that gay people that never come out out the closet may seem like they'er straight but in reality are gay have gay fantasies. By the way i do have a life i help these gay people get the courage to come out of the closet and to not be afraid to be themselves, no matter what society thinks.

gkhinduatheist says:

Sure, bud! But, not every man is one! In fact, most men are straight and would get disgusted at the very thought of these gay things. I am shocked all that gay stuff even figured in this list! We REAL men don't fantasize abt. other dudes at all! Yes, other so-called straight women may fantasize abt. other women, but in a man's world, "straight" really means STRAIGHT; not even remotely bi-curious! And, I know what I'm talking about; it's plain gross! GET A LIFE, DUDE!

0deadx21 says:

Define abnormal.

Johnny gamer says:

i can see some of these but giving oral sex? sex with another man? what the fuck you should rename this video the top 10 male sexual fantasies that a real man would have and remake a video with that title!

Johnny gamer says:

i wouldnt go that far

Johnny gamer says:

or those were just on there consqidentaly

Amy Lorenzo says:

0:46 spelling mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry Kent says:

sick bastards

maxy mofoo says:

I am a female and I dunno, One of my fantasies would be having sex with two men, or having sex with a teacher. 😀

Zachary Johnson says:

Not gonna lie I desire none of those things

sango290 says:

@sexylexy617 How is it fucked up?

Bojan Smoljanic says:

This guys gay.. he included some of his abnormal male fantasies

Ryloth says:

I believe I am all of them, except the gay ones.

BShanishkra says:

@sexylexy617 yea gay people are real

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